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Testimony of the Islamic scholars for Nihility of the Holy Bible Falsification

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The Islamic scholars spoke extensively on the veracity of the Holy Bible and Nihility of its Falsification; we will just mention some of their utterances:
1) Imam Muhammad Bin Ismail Al-Bokhary: he said in his Sahih construing the quran verse:" displace words from their right places", "i.e. removing them", actually no one can remove any word from any of God's books, but they were misinterpreting their meanings" or construing them wrongly”
- Al-Bokhary also said in his book (Fath Al-Barry, the explanation of Sahih Al-Bokhary):"Ibn Taimia was asked about this matter, he replied in his casuistry: the scholars said: "no alternation but in the meaning only"

2) the great scholar Shah Walii said in his book ( the great winning in the fundamentals of exegesis)" in the translation of the Taurât and the exegesis of the texts , the Jews had altered the meanings of some verses , but they didn't falsify the original text” and Ibn Abbas also agreed on that utterance

3) Imam Fakhr El-din Al-Razy: in the great exegesis (Tafsir) for the Cow chapter (Surat Al-Baqarah) 174 said: narrated Ibn Abbas :"they were altering the Taurât and Bible and that's impossible as they were widely distributed and famous books to the degree that it is impossible to have such alternation , but they were hiding the interpretation "

- He said in the exegesis of The Family of Imran (Surat Aal-'Imran) 78"how could falsification of the Taurât take place with its great publicity among people?"

- He also said in the exegesis of the women chapter ( Surat An-Nisa') 46:" what was meant by falsification was a false accusation , it was a corrupt interpretations and dragging the verbalisms from their true meaning to the delusive one , by using the vocabulary tricks, as the people of heresies are doing these days with the verses that are contradicting with their doctrines"

- He said also in the exegesis (Al-Dorr Al-Monthour) for the Cow chapter (Surat Al-Baqarah)" Ibn Al-Monzer and Ibn Hatem said, narrated Wahb Ibn Menabeh: the Taurât and Bible as descended from God had never been altered not even for a letter, but they were misleading others by misinterpretation through books they were writing by their hands and saying :those were from God ,while they were not from God , for the books of God are conserved and never changed"

 4) The Galaleen: in their exegesis of those two verses "It is We who has sent down the Dhikr (reminder) and surely, we will guard it." He said" meaning that God guarded it from alternation, falsification, addition or subtraction"
5) Mr. Abbas Mahmoud Al-Akad wrote in Al-helal book, under the title:" the treasures of Qumran Valley:” those archaeological wisps were discovered in one of the caves of Qumran Valley, in eastern Jordan … wisps from 2000 years {i.e. before the appearance of Islam by more than six centuries} , after spreading them for inspection they showed that they include a complete copy of Isaiah book …and many other holy books, those books were showing no minor difference between them and the holy books we have nowadays not a single difference or alternation" (1)
6) Mr.Ali Amen said” a group of scholars of converses, jurisprudence and language agreed that the alternation happened in the interpretation and not in the descended text, their pretension is: the Taurât was widely distributed in the east and west (before the appearance on Muhammad and the quran )" no one knows the number of its copies but God and it is impossible to have a collusion for performing alternation and changing in all of these copies , so that there will be no single copy in the whole earth but altered or changed and that change is uniform everywhere , that's logically impossible and the sane mind is attesting for its nullification " (2)

Did the quran abrogate the Holy Bible?

Some Muslims are claiming that the quran abrogated the Holy Bible

Before discussing that issue we will ask several essential questions

The first question: what is the concept of abrogation in the quran language?

The second question: How did the quran abrogate the Holy Bible while it confirmed it?

The third question: How did the quran abrogate the Holy Bible while it commanded the prophet Muhammad and the Muslims to refer to it?

The fourth question: How did the quran abrogate the Holy Bible while it commanded the Christians to judge by what was written into it?

The fifth question: How did the quran abrogate the Holy Bible while it commanded to follow its legislations?

The sixth question: what book is the one concerned with the abrogator and the abrogated?

Let us discuss these questions with sound logic based on the quran verses and the utterances of the respectable Islamic scholars

What is the concept of abrogation in the quran language?

Imam Jalal Al-Din Al-Syouty mentioned concerning the meanings of the abrogation:
 The abrogation in the quran is:
1) With the meaning of cancellation
As in the Pilgrimage chapter (Surat Al-Hajj) 52 saying:" Never did we send a messenger or a Prophet before you, but; when he "tamana "(recite the revelation), Satan threw some falsehood in "omneyatoh" (recitation). But Allah abolishes that which Satan throws in. Then Allah establishes His Revelations. And Allah is All-Knower, All-Wise" "
- the two Imams Al-Galaleen explained the meaning of the first verse mentioned by Al-Syouty about the meaning of the abrogation saying:" the meaning of "tamana "is to recite, and "omneyatoh" is his recitation, the prophet peace upon him was reciting from the Star chapter (Surat An-Najm) in the presence of the people of korish some words" Have you then considered Al-Lât, and Al-'Uzza (two idols of the pagan Arabs). And Manât (another idol of the pagan Arabs) the other third, "Then Satan threw some falsehood on the tongue of the messenger peace upon him without his knowledge," those great "Gharaneek"(great idols), their intercession is accepted ' the people of korish were delighted by that saying and they kneeled on the ground and the prophet kneeled with them, then Gabriel told him that such recitation was thrown by Satan on his tongue , he was so grieved for that, so he was solaced  by that verse
2) With the meaning of replacing,
As in The Bees chapter (Surat An-Nahl) 101:”And when we change a verse in place of another, and Allah knows the best of what he sends down, they say: "you are but a forger." nay, but most of them know not"
3) With the meaning of transformation
As in the end of the Spoils of War chapter (Surat Al-Anfal: as the abrogation of inheritance from one to one
4) With the meaning of transportation from one place to another:
 you may say I copied (Nasakht in Arabic language) a book , meaning that I copied its content exactly word by word , as Al-mighty God said in: The Kneeling chapter (Surat Al-Jathiyah) 28:" you shall be “nastansakh "meaning :transfer" what you used to do (3)

How did the quran abrogate the Holy Bible while it confirmed it?
How does a sane person dare to say that the quran had abrogated the Holy Bible? As by saying that he is aspersing in his quran that mentioned very frankly in many places that it came confirming the Taurât and the Bible, here are some of those verse as examples:

1) Yunus chapter (Surat Yunus) 37:" this Quran is not such as could ever be produced by other than Allah, but it is a confirmation of what was before it

2)  the table chapter (Surat Al-Ma'idah) 48" we have sent down to you the book ( i.e. the quran) in truth, confirming what came before of the Scripture ( the Taurât and the Bible) and dominant over it"

3) The Cattle chapter (Surat Al-An'am) 92:" this is a blessed Book which we have sent down, confirming which came before it"

4) The Originator of Creation chapter (Surat Fatir) 31:" what we have inspired in you, of the Book, it is the truth confirming that which was revealed before it"

5) The Curved Sand-hills chapter (Surat Al-Ahqaf) 12:"And before this was the Scripture of Moses as a guide and a mercy. And this is a confirming Book in the Arabic language"
6) The Curved Sand-hills chapter (Surat Al-Ahqaf) 30:"we have heard a Book sent down after Moses, confirming what came before it"
7) Joseph chapter (Surat Yusuf) 111:" It is not a forged statement but a confirmation of the existing books"
8) The Cow chapter (Surat Al-Baqarah) 91:"it is the truth confirming what is with them"
9) The Cow chapter (Surat Al-Baqarah) 97:" He has brought it down to your heart by Allah's Permission, confirming what came before it"
10) The Family of Imran chapter (Surat Aal-'Imran) 3:"It is He who has sent down the book to you with truth, confirming what came before it. "
The exegesis of Imam Al-Baydawy for the expression of," confirming what came before it" it came confirming or identical to what preceded it from the Holy books attesting for their truthfulness... So it was attesting for their veracity"
So who can imagine that the quran accrediting the veracity of the Taurât and the bible could abrogate them??!

How did the quran abrogate the Holy Bible while it commanded the prophet Muhammad and the Muslims to refer to it?
- God referred the prophet Muhammad to the Holy Bible to clarify his skepticism in the quran as, it was mentioned in Yunus chapter (Surat Yunus) 94:”If you are in doubt concerning that which we have revealed unto you, then ask those who are reading the Book before you"
What does that mean? It means that if Muhammad was skeptical in the quran that was descended to him, he had to ask the Jews and Christians who had the Book before him, that is a testimony for nihility of abrogation of the books of the Jews and Christians by the quran, or else he wouldn't be told to ask them , as logically, how would he ask those of an abrogated book?
- God also commanded the prophet Muhammad to be guided by the Holy Bible and the prophets whom had been guided by those books
- It was mentioned in the cattle chapter (Surat Al-An'am) 89, 90:" They are those whom we gave the book, understanding, and Prophethood, They are those whom Allah had guided. So follow their guidance."
So if the Holy Bible was abrogated, then how he commanded him to be guided by its guidance???
-God also commanded them to refer to the people of Dhikr (reminder) to learn from them if they knew not
The bees' chapter (Surat An-Nahl) 43:"And we sent not before you, any but men, whom we inspired, so ask of those who know the people of the Dhikr (reminder), if you know not, with clear signs and Books"
- The prophet Muhammad himself was attesting for the Taurât and the bible, saying:
 The Narration chapter (Surat Al-Qasas) 49:" Say "Then bring a Book from Allah, which is a better guide than these two (the Taurât and Bible), that I may follow it"

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(3) “The perfection in the quran’s sciences”, by Jalal Al-Din Al-Syouty, part 2, page20, 21

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