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Episode 24
The abrogation – what was lost of the quran

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Continuing the types of the abrogator and abrogated

3) Those with abrogated verdict and abrogated letter

Those are verses that disappeared completely from the quran as regards their text and verdict
Al-zahry said:” Narrated Abu-Imamah, that group of the prophet’s companions told him that one night a man wished to recite a verse of the quran he had memorized , he couldn't remember it except only " In the name of Allah the most gracious, most merciful" so he went to the prophet in the morning , he found there other people, who came asking for the same quran chapter, they all asked the prophet about that chapter, the prophet remained silent for an hour ,then replied them saying " that verse was abrogated by God yesterday” (1)
So that chapter was completely abrogated, and they all forgot it, and we don’t know anything about it

Where is “It is we who have sent down the Dhikr (the Quran) and surely, we will guard it" The Rocky Tract chapter (Surat Al-Hijr) 9
Abu Baker Al-Razy commented on those verses with abrogated verdict and abrogated letter saying: God caused people to forget those verses completely and remove them from their minds, commanding them to ban reciting them and writing them in the quran, so by time those verses will perish (2)
Then Why God gave them those verses first, then caused them to forget them later on???

The Confederates chapter (Surat Al-Ahzab)

Narrated Sharik ibn Asem, from Zur:” Obe Ibn Abe Ka’b asked me: How do you read the Confederates chapter (Surat Al-Ahzab), I replied: it is 73 verses, he said: I swear by God that it was descended on Muhammad as long as the cow chapter or even longer (the cow chapter is 286 verses) (3)

Then where all of those verses had gone? That’s why the Muslims considered this issue a sensitive and difficult issue and they are avoiding it

     - Narrated Aeisha:” the Confederates chapter (Surat Al-Ahzab) was recited during the time of   the prophet up to two hundred verses, then when Othman wrote the quran, we didn't find except 73 verses “ (2)

- Narrated Omer: no one says that I took the whole quran, you never know what the whole quran means,” Actually big parts of the quran had gone “(2)

So there was a part of the quran that was lost

- Al-Syouty said: Omer said to Abdul-Rahman Bin Oaf: don’t you find among the descended verses: “fight as we fought the first time” as we don’t find that verse anymore, he answered him: that verse was dropped among the dropped verses of the quran “

- Narrated Al-Hajaj Ibn Jarih about Hamida bent Yunus, she said:” my father when he was 80 years old recited on me from the quran of Aeisha:” God and his angels are praying on the prophet, O those who believe pray on the prophet and say peace upon him” she said that was before Othman changed the quran “(2)

The testimony of muslima: “narrated Abe Sufyian Al-kelae’y that muslima asked him about 2 quran verses, was not written in the quran, no one answered him, he said:” those who believed and fight for the sake of God, rejoice as you are the winner, no soul would know what was prepared for them as a recompense for what they have done”, those verses are not currently present in the quran” (2)

Othman he burned six versions of the quran and kept only one: Taha Hussein said concerning that issue:’ the prophet PUH said: the quran descended on 7 letters all of tem are sufficient and complete, and when Othman burned the qurans keeping only one, he had cancelled texts descended by God, and burned papers containing quran verses given by the prophets to Muslims. The Imam shouldn’t abate a single letter or remove any text of the quran

Othman assigned few of the prophet’s companions to write the quran, while he excluded those reciters who listened to the quran from the prophet ,and he didn’t allow them to write the quran, therefore Ibn Masoud was very angry as he was the best of the quran memorizers as he took from the prophet 70 chapters of he quran , and he was excluded in spite of his great knowledge , Othman brought instead of him Zaied Ibn Thabet who was still young , so Ibn Masoud challenged burning of the qurans and refused that, so Othman expelled him out of the mosque and struck him harshly and he hit the ground (4)

So many chapters and verses had been lost from the quran

Muslim had a great value for God as he is the creation of his hands
We love Muslims and wish their salvation
We are not belonging to any organization against Islam, but we are aiming for the salvation of our beloved Muslims

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