Père Zakaria Boutros
Episode 32

Answering the Challenge of Song of the Songs

The author      : Father Zakaria Boutros
The publisher:

Some are challenging the book of Song of the Songs as it included some verbalisms of flagrant flirtation between two lovers

The book of Song of the Songs is a special book that could not be understood by the natural human

Man is composed of body and soul, the body commits the sin while the soul sublimates to God

The Holy Bible said:” The flesh lusts against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary to one another” (Galatians 5:17)

Those guided by flesh understand that book in a bodily and lusty way, but the spiritual man understands it in a spiritual way

In the Old Testament they were banning those with spiritual immaturity from reading that book

To understand that book you should have spiritual maturity to understand the metonymies within it, so whoever criticizes it is a lusty bodily man and all his meditations are bodily

That book is a poem full of eloquent and metaphoric expressions, so it is not understood literally but, therein similitude, metonymy, punning and eloquent expressions with spiritual meanings

That book is for a groom and his bride, engaged with a sacred bond and not flagrant loving acts between illegitimate lovers

When someone sees a man kissing his wife, that’s natural and is not criticized, while if that woman is his illegitimate lover that’s criticized

So one action is applauded in the legal relationship and criticized in the illegal relationship

The Holy Bible is speaking about a groom and his bride

It is about the relationship between God and his beloved people

God created the sex so sex in its legitimate way is not a sin

If we come to the quran we find it saying:
in Women chapter (Surat An-Nisa) 24: " those of whom you have enjoyed sexual relations, give them their wages as prescribed; but if after wages are  prescribed, and you agree mutually to give more, there is no sin on you., Allah is ever All-Knowing, All Wise."
He is telling the man to pay for a woman a wage to spend sometime with her, why there is no challenging for that?
That’s the pleasure marriage that was practiced during the time of Muhammad, and Abe Bakre and then banned by Omer, and now still practiced by the Sheia’ian rite
Why they are challenging the Song of the Songs, does it say such words?
And In Mount chapter (Surat At-Tur) 19"And we shall marry them to Hour Al-Ein (paradise women)”
-Also in the Event chapter (Surat Al-Waqi'ah) 22- 37 " and there will be Hour Al-Ein (paradise women)…. We have created them of special creation, and made them virgins"

- Mister Mohammed Jalal Keshk, an eminent Islamic proselytiser wrote a book concerning the sexual pleasure in the paradise named “Muslim thoughts in the sexual issue”, the government banned that book from publishing, then he sued them, and Al-Azhar made a special committee to discuss that book, they found it matching what was present in the quran, so the court decided to lift the sanction ban of publishing, and the book was released for publishing
He said; it is well confirmed from the quran text that Hour Al-Ein (paradise women) are for the sexual pleasure (1)
- Sheikh Al-Gazaly said; In the book of the revival of the religion science ( Iheaa Oloum Alden) : the paradise is decorated by Hour Al-Ein (paradise women), those nice women as if they are rubies and  corals , they had never been copulated ( fucked) by any human or Jinn, they are rooming around in the different levels of paradise , if one of them swaggered in her walk, her coat will carry seventy thousands of the boys , fondled, perfumed , protected from aging
Mister Mohammed Jalal keshk also commented on this pleasure and enjoyment saying; there is no place to any embarrassment from the sensational body demands, he added saying;' there is no hideousness or blemish in the body or in fulfilling its permissible lusts and desires in this world or seeking the bodily pleasure unlimitedly in the afterlife (1)
Are similar words mentioned in the book of Song of the Songs? So why they are challenging it?
The book of Song of the Songs is speaking about sublimate spiritual meanings

- The bride is saying to her groom:

1 -” Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth; for your love is better than wine” (Song of the Songs 1:2)

The literal meaning is the normal kisses between man and his wife, while the spiritual meaning meant at is the kisses as a sign of love

In the holy mass we are saying kiss one another with a holy kiss as a sign of love

“All things are pure to the pure, but to the ones being defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure, but even their mind and conscience has been defiled” (Titus 1:15)

- The problem is for that one who reads and misunderstands the meanings

2- ” For your ointments have a lovely fragrance; your name is as ointment poured out; on account of this the virgins love you” (Song of the Songs 1:3)
- From that verse it is obvious that if the book is a flirtation between two lovers so did the beloved girl accept that other girls share her lover with her, was she devoid of jealousy ?, she should keep her lover for herself only? then why she is saying” therefore the virgins love you” So that will deviate the meaning from the lovers love to the Godly love for the human soul

 3- :"Take me away with you. Let us hurry" (Song of the songs 1:4)

If they were lovers they should seek to  be alone away from the others , But the spiritual meaning of those words is: the believing soul who is tasting the sweetness of the relationship with God can never settle down unless others are attracted with her to him to enjoy the same grace which she is enjoying

- The groom is saying to his bride

"Graze your young goats beside the shepherds' tents." (Song of the Songs 1:8)

How this could be a flirtation, and he is allowing his beloved to go to the shepherds,
Wasn't he jealous on her? Didn’t he want to keep her love to himself and to refuse to leave her for a moment? And how he asked her to go to other people?

The spiritual meaning was that: the heavenly groom who is the Christ is advising the soul to go to the priests and servants of God to graze her life there under their guidance

In Islam also that kind of adoration exist in the sophists

As Rabae Al-Adaweiah, who was titled as the martyr of adoring God, she said:

I love you, two loves,                    Adoration love and a love as you deserve it
For the Adoration love                 I am occupied with mentioning you and only you
For the love you deserve,            is the unveiling of the veils till I see you

The book of Song of the Songs is a kind of adoring God, that was aimed at by Rabae Al-Adaweiah and she discovered it

Christianity gave man a new creation and a new nature, that change everything in life and man will be spiritual


Some people say that the coming of Muhammad was pointed at in the Holy Bible, when the Christ mentioned about the coming of the Paraclete

That claim came, as they thought that the Greek word “Paracletous” means a nice thing with is close in meaning in Arabic to“Ahmed” as they understood it

But actually the Christ was speaking about the coming of the Holy Spirit when he mentioned the Paraclete as he said:” And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may be with you for ever”
He said that he will stay with them for ever: did Muhammad stay for ever?

And he will be within them: did Muhammad exist within them?

And also he will take from the Christ and tell them, did Muhammad took from the Christ and told the people?

And he will glorify him: did Muhammad glorify the Christ? Or rather he degraded him from his divinity

So definitely that was not pointing at the coming of Muhammad by any mean

(1) Muslim thoughts in the sexual issue, by Mohammed Jalal Keshk page 202

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