Père Zakaria Boutros
Episode 37

Muhammad with the great ethics
And assassination of his opponents

The author      : Father Zakaria Boutros
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It was mentioned in the quran that the messenger came as a mercy for mankind, and he was a good example and was on an exalted standard of character

If the messenger was on an exalted standard of character and good example, we are asking are those exalted standard of character and good example are really applied to his behaviors?

We have so many questions regarding his behaviors

For example his dealing with his opponents in ideation and opinion, if he was on an exalted standard of character and a good example, he should know the opinion of his opponent ,why he is opposing him and what is his point of view and he should answer him with logic and clarify things to him ,and if he is still not agreeing with him he should act according to his saying in Makkah:” To you be your religion, and to me my religion , “I am but a plain preacher and a prophet” and “my duty is only to convey plainly the message”

But his behaviors was really shocking and demanding explanations

I am not attacking but I am offering a big question for thinking, and whoever has an answer can reply us

There was an old wise respectable lady 120 years old named Ohm Kerfa, she was one of the wise Arabs, she expressed her opinion opposing the messenger , he sent a squad for her with the leadership of Zaied Ibn Haritha, they caught the old woman , turned her upside down and then tied each of her feet by a rope, the other end of which was tied to a camel, and they beat the camels ,the two camels ran in two opposite directions so she was split into two (1)

That’s an extremely awful scene, and my question is: where the mercy for mankind in that situation is??? If someone has an answer let him tell me

And he did the same with so many men and women

Muhammad revenged from 13 of his opponents, murdering them by the sward, among them was a groom, he sent for him a legation, pretending that they came for congratulating him for his marriage and they inserted the sward into his body and killed him

People killed by Muhammad

The list of those killed by Muhammad was very big including: Ka’b Ibn Al-Ashraf, Aba-Afk the Jewish, Bin Al-Ahtal, Anas Bin Zaienam the Nasirian, Abu –Sufyian Bin Al-Hares , Al-Howaires Bin Tafid , Aquaba Bin Abe-Mae’t , Ka’b Bin Zahir and Ibn Abe Al-Hakik

That man Ibn Abe Al-Hakik , he sent for him a legation , and when they knocked the door , his wife opened it , they muzzled her mouth and raise the sward , telling her if she speaks they will cut her neck , they entered the room of her husband , he was sleeping on his bed, one of them inserted the sward into his chest, and leaned forward on it, that they heard the bones cracking and the sward came out of the back of that poor sleeping man !!!

Those are strange things; around them many questions are imposing themselves

Also among those murdered Al-Aswad Al-Abasy. Abdullah Ibn Saad, Al-Harith Bin Al-Samed, and Abdullah bin Abe-Al-Sarh, and that man was about to be killed but Othman Ibn Affan interceded for him

Abdullah bin Abe-Al-Sarh was one of the writers, he was from Korish, and became a Muslim, he remained the writer of the messenger, when the creation verse descended, he admired that verse very much and said to the messenger “blessed be the best of creators” the massager said it came as such (blessed be Allah, the Best of creators ), the man wrote it , but he thought in his mind , if I say something then it came exactly as I said in the revelation so I am a prophet , and if it didn’t descend as I said , then why he told me to write it , ,but he kept silent and went back to korish , then when the conquest of Makkah happened , the prophet said to his men go and bring that one and that one for me here , even if they hang to the curtains of Al-Kaba kill them all , then Othman interceded  for that man , and told the prophet leave him , and he became Muslim later on , but he wanted to kill him initially

Why the opponents were killed? And why they were not given the chance to express themselves, especially he came as a mercy for mankind

The women killed by Muhammad:

Ohm Kerfa, that old lady he split into two, and also Asma' Bent Marawan ,for her  he sent Omeir bin Oday and he killed the woman and returned to the messenger telling him that he killed her, the messenger said to him: God and his messenger are giving you the victory Omeir, so that was the victory through assassination !!!

Among the women also Miss Sarah, the servant of Omar Bent Hashim, and Miss Safay Bent Aba’ Bin Rabee’ and two daughters of Al-Ahtal ( Sahih Muslim , the prophetical life history and over the internet in the book of Al-Wafdy)

He killed the people of Bane Koriza , and took the women and children as war captives and then sold them in Al-Sham and he trade them by horses and weapons ,( the book of Al-Wafdy) do you imagine that ???

Where is the mercy? I am not aspersing in the prophet of Islam, I am asking where is the mercy in assassinating  any one who is opposing him , why those issues are not discussed why they hide them ???
And as Dr.Aeisha Abdurrahman said" hiding the news about the personal life of the messenger is not accepted by the honesty of research, and it is commanded by the noble quran that was keen to mention that life to show the humanity of the messenger, so it is not allowed for the Muslim researcher to avoid speaking about it, and in all what I have mentioned about the life of the messenger of God. I didn't see any embarrassing thing to direct the light of research on it” but it seems that she didn’t handle that part of the messenger‘s life

Yes, any man has opponents and he can kill them, but we are speaking about a man who is a prophet and example for others, that’s really very tuff

The Holy Bible and dealing with enemies and others:

The Christ said in his famous sermon over the mountain in the gospel of Matthew chapter 5, 6, 7 :” Love your enemies; bless those cursing you, do well to those hating you; and pray for those abusing and persecuting you”

Two of the Christ disciples went to a city, and the people there beat them violently near death, when they returned back they were rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for his name(Acts 5:41)

For someone who lives for a mission, he should suffers for that mission, therefore I can’t understand the situation of the prophet of Islam from those things

I don’t want to judge myself , I am just asking ,trying to understand and I thinks so many people like me can’t understand , as if one asks , they will tell him : don’t ask or argue :
” Ask not of things which, if they were made known unto you, would trouble you” the table chapter (Surat Al-Ma'idah') 101

It is difficult for the natural man to forgive his insulters, but for one who lives with God he can  ,as God gives him an inner power to forgive when he asks him for that, he will be given the power of the Holy Spirit and the capability of right behavior, so he says: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens  me, and says : But the Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death”( Romans 8:2 )

That’s the difference in Christianity, there is a power man can get from God, that’s extremely important as through the power of God in man’s life and his grace, he will not commit such things of assassinations and blood shedding

One should think of those issues, he should ask, read the books and he shouldn’t leave himself as such without the proper knowledge, he should study thoroughly , if he doesn’t understand he should ask the scholars and scientists to reach the truth , as man should respect his  mind, to reach a decision in his life, where is he going? In what direction he is heading

There is an essential point; Muslims say that’s a crusade and Zionist invasion, as those people want to destroy Islam, and conquer our Islamic nation

We have no political purposes at all; we are not agents of any political organization

We are speaking to the mind, think my dear and look into the way you are following, what is it? It is your right to think

Sadly the vast majority of people who were born as Christian are going on as Christians, those born as Muslims are going on as Muslims, and those born as Jewish are going on as Jewish without thinking, why? One should think and have his own personal decision

The quran said that he was the prophet of mercy, a good example and he was on an exalted standard of character, but looking at those behaviors deserves from us reconsidering

In the old testament, during the time of Moses, there was “eye for eye and teeth for teeth” but that was before the grace testament, the law was given to the natural man and he was behaving bodily as there was no power but when the grace testament came man was given the capability of living on the sublimate Godly level, would we return back to the law testament” eye for eye and teeth for teeth” and commit assassinations and revenge from others?

Could man after reaching MD degree, return back to the primary school level, man should grow and get into the life of grace
There were 13 men and six women assassinated by Muhammad beside the war captives of Bane Koriza those things deserves thinking

There was a story mentioned in the prophetical life story: one day Muhammad went to the market and met a man named Zahir, he held him from behind and then Zahir said who is that?, he replied I am the prophet  who buys the slaves and sell them

Muslims are saying that Islam gave freedom of the slaves, so that is another question, how could that be, we need proper understanding for the facts

The spirit of revenge and assassination is there in Islam

The Holy Bible says:” For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matthew 12:34) if his heart is pure, he will live a pure life, so how a man who is preaching a sublimate doctrine to commit such behaviors???

The message of the messenger is love and biding for worshiping God by preaching the good deeds and not by revenging from the opponents

We are asking God to give vision for the eyes and to give grace; man’s life needs complete change from the old natural revenging hater human character that is living by different human instincts

The Holy Bible says:” be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2)
And also:” if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old things have passed away, all things have become new” (2 Corinthians 5; 17)

It is a process of internal renewing, frankly there in no such change in Islam, , it is just giving him commandments and forbiddances, but the bodily human nature can’t do that and it is not helping man for change
The true faith is the internal change from the old internal evilly human nature and sin and to sublimate to a loving relationship with God to live in purity and holiness

The history and saints biography told us a wonderful story about a saint named Augustine, he  was a professor in Toreno University; he was living such leisured lax life but his mother was a very virtuous woman, she was praying  for him for twenty years , after that one of his disciples told him that there was a bishop preaching nicely, and as he was a professor of eloquence and enunciation , he went there to criticize him , but while he was sitting holding his paper and pen to write his criticism, he didn’t write a word till the end of the sermon , as he liked what he was saying , he wanted to repent , but he was saying  to himself not now, one day he was so sick, he went with his friend to a garden and sat , then they heard a voice as that of an angel saying to him: take the Bible and read it , then he opened the Holy Bible on Romans 13 saying:” it is now the hour for you to be aroused from sleep, for now our salvation is nearer than when we believed. The night is far gone, and the day has drawn near, then let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the weapons of the light”

He kneeled down in his place and said: O lord I lived such bad life, now I want to live a new life, please change me, give me a new heart, and a new nature, at that time he was totally changed , he went to his home, then one of his lovers came to him and tried to get into his home, he said to her , that Augustine you knew died, now there is a new Augustine who knows God and hates the sin , that is the touch of change

(1) The Prophetical life history by Ibn Hesham, the incursion book, part 1, converse number
       617, and over the internet in the book of the incursions, by Al-Wafdy

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