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The sources of Islam
(The Pagan sources)
The black stone

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What is the black stone? Is it a holy stone?

It was mentioned about the black stone In Al-Azhar site on the internet under the title (Islamic concepts):

{It is a stone , black in color with a red tinge , has red dots, about 30 centimeter in length and 10 centimeter in  width, it is present in the wall on Al- Ka'bah in its south eastern corner , it has a covering and silver belts}

From where did this black stone came?

In Sonan Al-Tourmozy, the pilgrimage chapter .converse number 886 ;{ narrated Ibn Abe Abbas: the black stone came down from the paradise, it was whiter than milk}

It was said that Gabriel brought it down from paradise, it was also said that it appeared after the flooding of Noah ,and Ibrahim put it in that place as a mark for the beginning of circumambulation

Some people have a scientific explanation for that stone, they said: it is a meteoroid came down from the sky and burned before reaching the earth
The Arabic peninsula is full of such meteoroids, it was also said that it came down from the sky and was glowing before it burned, so they considered it as a holy stone being a strange phenomenon
According to history there were many Ka'bahs and All Ka'bahs have such meteoroids inside them, and Al- Ka'bah of Makkah was the one that contained that black stone

Was that stone a holy stone in the paganism epoch?

Definitely, it was a holy stone to the extent that Al- Ka'bah derived its holiness from that stone within it

In the book of (the methodological way for Arabs) by Mahmoud slim Al-Hoot, page 59, he said:{ the Ka'bah in Makkah was a frame for the black stone, and the other Ka'bahs had also similar character, as they were considered houses of gods, in each of them there was the special stone belonging to that god that came down from the sky}

The sanctifying of that stone was because it came from an unknown world, as this meteoroid came down from the sky with such heavenly celebration

That was also affirmed by the simplified Arabic encyclopedia, page 1097, as it said: the meteor is a small piece of the universal matter entering earth atmosphere in a very fast speed so it burns and looks like a glowing shinning line , that is glowing for a while as a result of the immense friction, it is called the meteoroid  Bedouins were sanctifying that miraculous stone in the paganism epoch

But if Bedouins were sanctifying that miraculous stone in the paganism epoch
Why do Muslims sanctify it?

Are there any rituals for sanctifying that stone in the paganism epoch?

Definitely, as it was their worshiping place

In the Islamic encyclopedia, part 22, page 6960, it said: the black stone dated to very ancient epochs; it has very glorious stature in the religious rituals for the ancient Arabs

They were circumambulating around Al- Ka'bah that contained the black stone, it was sanctified since very old time

Muhammad followed that old customs when he settled the rituals of his religion and he considered Al- Ka'bah as the center for those rituals

What about the circumambulation?

They were circumambulating around Al- Ka'bah containing the black stone

We will focus the lights on some very exiting and strange rituals as a way of sanctifying that black stone,

In the book of (the methodological way for Arabs) by Mahmoud slim Al-Hoot, page 123
{One of the rituals of pagan pilgrimage was an exciting and amazing ritual, as they were circumambulating around Al- Ka'bah men and women totally naked}

What was the reason for that nudeness?

In the book of "the legendary in quran" , page 16,17 it said:{ that nudeness was for a reason, as there were sexual worshiping rituals taking place inside that Makkahin godly house in the ancient epochs }

In the book of" the father of prophets Ibrahim", by Muhammad hosny abdul-hammid, published in Cairo, page 92, he said:{ there was a pagan ritual performed by women, as they were touching the black stone by their menstrual blood, as the menstrual blood for the ancient pagan was the secret of birth, as they believed that, woman gives the blood and man gives the semen and the spirit is given by god

They were assimilating the first act done by the moon god (Alh) when he slept with the sun god (Alat)

So they were celebrating that occasion as the gods (the moon and the sun) did before, they were doing the same thing again

(See also" the legendary and the heritage" by Sayed Al-Kemny, page 160,162

This was also mentioned in the book of Rites and denominations {Al-Melal Wal-Nahl) by Abe Al-Kasim Al-Shahrestany, page 247, he said :{ there was a ritual that was dominating that time which was the friction of the black stone , taking into consideration its shape\
And the ward Hajj is derived from Hack (in Arabic language it means to do friction}

(That was also mentioned in the book the legendary in quran, page 17, 19)

As the Arabic peninsula was very wide, and there were little people for that vast land, so they were very concerned about breeding, so the infertile women were performing  group marriage during that time, as they were going naked during the pilgrimage and were fractioning their private parts with the blood inside it by the black stone, to have its blessing to get pregnant ,as it represented god that gives the spirit

Did Muhammad sanctify the black stone?

Muhammad had preserved the rituals of circumambulation and turning around Al- Ka'bah exactly as in the paganism epoch

The Islamic encyclopedia is saying: we can conclude from what Muslims are performing now that ritual, how it was done before by the pagans

Muhammad was kissing the black stone as a sign of sanctifying it

In Sonan Al-Behiqy , the book of pilgrimage, converse number 9503 :{ narrated Ibn Abbas : the messenger of God when he was taking the black stone, he was kissing it , putting it on his right check ( wasn't he aware that they were putting it into their private parts touching it with their blood?)

He was circumambulating around the black stone seven turns, three turns jumbling like steenbok, and four turns walking as a respect for the stone

In Mosnad Ahmed, Mosnad Abdullah Ibn Al-Abbas, converse number 283: {the messenger of God came into the mosque and he took the stone, people of korish said they are not walking but jumping like steenbok so he did that three times}

What was the attitude of Caliph Omer Ibn al-Khatab towards the black stone?

In Sahih Al-Bokhary, the pilgrimage chapter, converse number 1590:

{Omar challenged Muhammad's kissing of the black stone, he said when he came to kiss it: I know that you are just a stone, you neither harm nor cause any benefit. I wouldn’t kiss you if I didn't see the messenger of God doing that}

Omer also challenged Mohammed's jumping while walking around Al- Ka'bah saying: do we do that as hypocrisy for the pagan? (Sahih Al-Bokhary, the pilgrimage chapter, converse number 1605)

Narrated Zoubir Ibn Salem: Omer said to the stone: I know that you are just a stone do you neither harm nor cause any benefit, I wouldn’t take you if I didn't see the prophet taking you , we were doing that as hypocrisy for the pagan , now they had been demolished by God , but as the prophet did that we have to do it

We knew the reason why that stone was sanctified by the pagan, but why did Muhammad sanctify it?? That deserves thinking

Was there any single holy reason for that? And if Muhammad's respect for the black stone was a sort of hypocrisy to win the pagan as Omer said , is that befitting a prophet  to share with pagans in worshiping their idols? Actually there are hundreds of question marks about that

Mohammed said in a converse that the stone came down from the sky and the quran said those stones came down from sky were for punishment as in:

The elephant chapter (Surat Al-Feel):"Haven't you seen how your Lord dealt with the owners of the elephant. Didn't he make their plot go astray? And sent against them birds, in flocks, striking them with stones of Sijjîl."

Stones were considered from Satan as in many chapters as the pilgrimage chapter (Surat Al-Hajj), the Spoils of War chapter (Surat Al-Anfal), and The Winds that Scatter chapter (Surat Adh-Dhariyat)

So the black stone is now worshiped by Muslims as an idol,

There was an article in Al-Ahram (pyramids) newspaper on 15/8/2004 by Dr. Ahmed Showky Ibrahim saying: we are not kissing the black stone as a costumed ritual, but as obedience for Al-mighty God's commandment

Would Al-mighty God command to perform pagan rituals? Is there any commandment from God to do that?

That was an agreement between the prophet and Makkah to preserve the pilgrimage with all its rituals

And about the throwing of stones (Ramy Al-jamarat) Dr. Ahmed said: that was in the place where Satan tried to prevent Ibrahim fro slaughtering his son!!! Is it possible to stone Satan?
Dr. Ahmed added: the black stone while it was in paradise, it had eyes, mouth and lips, God said to him open your mouth and eat the papers

What were those papers?

It was said that; when God created Adam, he took out of his back every human being he will create thereafter, he said to them: isn't me your God? They replied yes, he said to them then testify by that, and he took the treaties of their testimonies and ordered the angels to put those papers in the mouth of the black stone

Is that stone alive or dead?

Did that stone have a mouth, eyes and lips? And was he fed by the treaties?

Did any Muslim, who went to Makkah, see the eyes and mouth of the black stone?

Where is the legendary from the truth in that?

 Millions are going every year to Makkah circumambulating around a stone and they said that Muhammad had terminated the pagan religion, while they are performing a pagan worshiping till now

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