Père Zakaria Boutros
(Episode 61)

Answering the Media and Press

The author      : Father Zakaria Boutros
The publisher:

There was a vigorous attack on the program of "questions about faith" broadcasted by the life channel, there were nearly 200 articles in different newspapers, magazines and over the internet written against it

Father Zakaria Boutros had answered those articles and the answers had been sent to those newspapers ad magazines, but none of the answers was published, which is very strange as, it of the basic rights of those attacked to have their response heard

Only one newspaper that's "the immigrant voice" published in the United States had published the response of Father Zakaria Boutros in an article titled" Father Zakaria Boutros rebutted the "Al-Omah" the nation and " Al-Asboo'" the week newspapers"

Those articles in chronological order are:

- On 19/1/2004 in the week newspaper, an article under the title" Life channel"

- On 19/4/2004 in the week newspaper, an article under the title "The story of the suspicious Channel attacking Islam"

- On 26/4/2004 in the week newspaper, an article under the title "Over me and my enemies"

- On 19/5/2004 on the Islamic network over the internet, an article under the title "The abrogator and Abrogated"

- On 6/5/2004 on the site , an article under the title "O brothers, they are insulting the messenger"

- On 9/5/2004 on "Al-Akhbar"the news newspaper, an article under the title "The anti-life channel

- On 11/6/2004 on "Rose Al-Yousef" magazine, an article under the title "Boutros is attacking the messenger"

- On 30/7/2004 onAl-Araby magazine, an article under the title "Sectarian wars over the internet and satellite channels"

- On 30/10/2004 on Al-Shaeb newspaper, an article under the title "The life channel is slandering the messenger and Islam"

- On 12/11/2004 on the nation message magazine in Morocco, an article under the title" a danger named Father Zakaria and life channel"

The "Saout Al-Omah" voice of nation newspaper alone wrote 10 articles:

- On 1/3/2004:"Pope Shenouda frees himself from the satellite channels evangelization"

- On 1/3/2004:"the evangelizing channels and the religions conflict"

- On 27/9/2004:" the books of segregated Father Zakaria in the churches bookstores"

- On 4/10/2004:"The exiles of the church of Egypt"

- On 11/10/2004:"the Copts are demanding the pope to investigate the offences of

- On 25/10/2004:"the secret of Zakaria Boutros"

- On 1/11/2004:"the play of Father Zakaria Boutros"

- On 8/11/2004:"the church refuses attacking other religions"

- On 8/11/2004:"God guarded all the heavenly books from falsification"

- On 8/11/2004:"the play of Father Zakaria Boutros and his reviving of the sectarian

In the last article they said that the issue was closed for discussion, and they didn't publish my response

I am wondering of those attacking me and not publishing my response

The response of Father Zakaria Boutros:

I am wondering of the campaign of those newspapers and magazines on the program "questions about faith" in the life channel, while the specialists in religion and Islamic jurisprudents didn't discuss our inquires or answer them over more than a year till now

So, all of those big noises were for what? While those newspaper are unspecialized in the religion

They are saying that we are attacking Islam and provoking the sectarian turbulence

I am asking, why this program is provoking the sectarian turbulence , while the specialized religious people didn't speak , so how did they know that there is an attack on the religion?

We are so wondering from that idea adopted by the press people, while the program is nothing but questions in religions and is not attacking any religion
In the program no sward was used, no army had been prepared to attack the Muslims

Why answering questions is by provoking the fire of violence and turbulence?

Isn't that a confession of the writers that they are terrorists?

Aren't they afraid that when people in America who are tracing the terrorism hear about those articles, they would consider that a proof that Muslims are terrorists, as they are answering questions by provoking war and inciting terrorism ?

I am asking are the press people good citizens? Are they keen on their countries ?, or they are agents working for other countries, as they are showing in front of the world that Muslims are terrorists ,so they are playing with fire

We are just asking questions and not attacking any religion, if they are accusing us by attacking Islam, they have to proof that

We are in the religious dialogue

Why suddenly those defenders of the religions appeared?, where have they been when many Muslims attacked the Christian creed?, among them the proselytiser Ahmed Didat, Sheikh Al-Sharawy, Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud, Dr O'Mara and may others in the Arabic satellite channels , local broadcasting , mosques, and the laws in all the Arabic countries

Where have they been from the group genocide of Christians, during the Islamic colonization of Egypt by Amre Ibn Al-Ase?, where they have been during the events happened in Abu-Korkas, Al-Kosh'h, and the church burning especially Al-Khanqua and the attacks against the Christians ?

Actually the motive for those Muslims to commit such actions is the attitude of the quran itself towards the Christians

The quran gives the Muslim the right to attack the Christians as there are quran verses inciting Muslims to kill the Christians like:
The Repentance chapter (Surat At-Taubah) 29:"Fight against those who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (Islam) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah (tribute) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued"

And the converses that humiliate the Christians and incite Muslims to kill them

We should apply the principle "the religion is for God and the nation is for all" and permit the logic dialogues for reaching the truth, in a friendly manner without any aggression, and liberate the free thinking for every human to reach the truth by himself

My love to Muslim brother is pushing me to worry about his eternal destiny, and I don't care for any personal attacks

As the Christ said: Blessed are you when people reproach you, persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely, for my sake."

So we are getting blessing by those insults and humiliations

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