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The converses on terrorism

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Narrated Abu-Hurairah : while we were in the mosque, the prophet said :go to the Jews , then we went to them and he said to them : be Muslims then you will be safe ,and you should know that the whole earth is for God and his messenger, I am going to expel you from the land ,so if any one possesses  any property he should sell it, as the whole land is for God and his messenger , when the Jews refused that, he launched several wars against them( as the incursion of Bane Al-Noudair, Bane Koriza and Khaiber) he killed of them, what he could kill ,and expelled the rest of them form the land "(1)

-Narrated Ibn Omer: the prophet said:" I was commanded to fight people till they testify that, no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" (2)

So he was commanded by God to fight people till they testify that no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah"

The word "to fight" was mentioned 102 times, that threatening of killing people

Those saying that Islam is teaching wisdom and fair preaching, and claiming that it was mentioned in the quran in:

The bees' chapter (Surat An-Nahl) 125:" Invite mankind to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better"
That verse is a Mekkaian verse, it is among other 124 verses was abrogated by the sward and the fighting verses (revise the abrogator and abrogated)

The fighting commandment in the quran verses came in many stages:

1) Fighting the inequitable:

     As in the Pilgrimage chapter (Surat Al-Hajj) 41- 49

2) Fighting the disbelievers:
 as in the Repentance chapter (Surat At-Taubah ) 5:" when the Sacred Months have passed, then kill the Mushrikûn (disbelievers) wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. "

3) Fighting the people of the scripture (the Jews and Christians) as in:

The Repentance chapter (Surat At-Taubah) 29:"Fight against those who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (Islam) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah (tribute) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued"

So the fair preaching was in Makkah, but when he went to Al-Medina he was a military leader aiming for establishment of a nation

Examples for that:

- the story of Abu-Sofyian and how he became a Muslim : when Abu- Al-Abbas, the uncle of the prophet ,brought  Abu-Sofyian in front of the prophet , he said to him , O Abu-Sofyian , don't you know yet that no God but Allah? Abu-Sofyian replied I believe that no God but Allah, the prophet said to him, don't you know yet that I am the messenger of God? Abu-Sofyian replied : that's I am doubtful about, Abu- Al-Abbas yelled to him: O miserable man, be Muslim and testify that no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God, or you will have you neck avulsed , then  Abu-Sofyian said that testimony and became a Muslim under the threatening of murder "(3)

The "Jihad" is fighting in the name of God, is the propagation of Islam by the sward, it is an obligatory commitment to all Muslims, and so they name terrorism as "jihad"(4)

- About the renouncers: narrated Akrama:" they brought some" Zanadikah" those who renounced from Islam, to Ali-Ibn Abe Taleb, he burned them, when Ibn Al-Abbas knew that, he said if it was me, I wouldn't burn them as the prophet prohibit burning, but I would killed them as the prophet said:" whoever changes his religion, kill him" (5)

- Narrated Abdullah Ibn Abe: the prophet said: you should know that paradise is under the shadows of swards"(6)

- The assassination of Abe–Raffe' Ibn Abdullah, the Jewish:" the messenger of God send a group of his men to Abe–Raffe 'the Jewish , then Abdullah Ibn Obaid entered his house by night while he was asleep , and killed him (7)

- The assassination of Ka'b Ibn Al-Ashraf the Jewish,:" the messenger of God said whom of you would get for me Ka'b Ibn Al-Ashraf, as he hurt God and his messenger, then Muhammad Ibn Musilema said: do you like him to be killed? , the prophet said : yes, then he went to him and called Abu-Na'ilah who was the brother of Ka'b by suckling , when he was about to go out of his house, his wife told him: where are you going at that late hour of night ?, he said: here are Muhammad Ibn Musilema and Abu-Na'ilah my brother by suckling, she said I fell that they are coming for blood, he said to her, they are my brothers so calm down ,and they brought  two other men with them, Muhammad Ibn Musilema told his men when I see the man, I will hold his head smelling him , and when you see me doing that kill him, then when the man came out to him ,he told him I am smelling a perfume in you, would you mind if I smell that, he accepted and he hold his head and so did the other men , when they were in control over him, they killed him and went to the prophet telling him about that , it's really horrible!!!

- The story of those who went for murdering Ibn Abe- Al-Hakik, one of the Jews of Khaiber:" five men were sent by the prophet to him, as the prophet ordered Abdullah Ibn Abe-Atiqua to kill him, they entered the city of Khaiber by night , on their way they locked every door they found on the people inside , and went to the house of Abe- Al-Hakik, they called him from outside, his wife  answered: who are you? They said we are Arabs, she said here is the man inside, they got into the house and the man was sleeping, they took their sward , when his wife yelled screaming they threatened her by the swards, and as he was a fair man they recognized him in the darkness by his fair skin, they stabbed him with the sward and Abdullah leaned forwards over him with the sward inside his body, till it came out from his back, and the man was yelling and screaming

They went to the prophet of God and informed him about the murdering of the enemy of God, and they were arguing in front of the prophet which one of them killed him, as all of them were claiming that, the prophet said bring for me your swards, he looked at them and said , here is the sward of Abdullah with the remnants of food on it , so he is the one who killed him "(8)
- Narrated Omer Ibn Al-Khatab: I heard the messenger of God saying: I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabic peninsula, to let only Muslim be there"(9)

  What kind of racism is that?

-Narrated Abu-Hurairah: the prophet said: don't start the Jews and Christians with salutation, and if you find one of them on your road, you should force him to step aside towards its narrowest part"(10)

- Narrated Omer Ibn Al-Khatab; the prophet said:" when the Muslim dies, God sends in his place a Jewish or a Christian to hell" (11)

- The prophet said:" in the day of resurrection, Muslims will come carrying their sins like mountains, and then God will forgive them and put all those sins over the Jews and Christians "(12)

- So what are happening now in Iraq as killing and assassinations and, what are happening in the united sates and other parts of the world are exactly the same way

- The sad thing is that some Muslims are delighted by such assassinations, they are happy when they see Abu Musa'b Al-Zarkawy avulsing necks ,and because of that he was given the title" the prince of believers " in the land of the two rivers , that title was granted to him by the terrorist Osama Bin Laden

- About the assassination of Ohm kerfa who was an old lady killed by an order from the prophet, they tied each of her feet by a rope, that was tied in the other end to a camel, and the two camels ran in two opposite directions so she was split into two"(13)

-Narrated Abe Musa'b Ismail about an old man 120 years old from the people of Bane Amre called Affan, he was not  a Muslim , he saw that man sleeping in the yard , he stabbed him with his sward till it came out of him into his bed" (14)

- The assassination of Asma' Bent Marawan, she was from the people of Bane Omaya , a blind man, a follower of the prophet, named Omeir bin Oday came to her by night , she was on the bed with her children around and was breastfeeding a toddler, he felt her and took the babe from her, put him aside and stabbed her by his sward till it came out of her back, then he left and went to the mosque to pray the morning prayer with the prophet , then the prophet said to him did you kill Bent Marawan?, he said: yes, he was afraid that the prophet may be upset because of that, and asked him did I make something wrong?, the prophet said to him : no problem ,she deserved it, and started to tell the people around him applauding the man: if you want to see a man who supported God and his messenger , then look at Omeir bin Oday , then Omer said look at that blind , who obeyed God , the prophet said to Omer ,don't say the blind but the seeing "

Why they are taking the life of human being? Why they are not leaving God to judge people???

Now when we look to the assassinations taking place these days, we know that they are mislead as they are following the original religion

The group assassinations:

In the war of Bane Al-Noudair, Bane Koriza (the Jews) they killed their men, and captured their women as slaves and took their money, and all the Jews of Al-Madina were expelled away of it (15)

- In the prophetical life history by Ibn Hesham:

The total incursions done by the prophet himself were 27 incursions
And the military squadrons sent by him were 37 squadron

So the total will be 65 military operations, in 10 years time, with the rate of a military operation each two months, uninterrupted

The Islamic history is full of blood

- Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed killed from the people of Bane Huniffa 20 thousands (16)

- In the war of Al-Jamal, about 18 thousands were killed
  In the war of Hunien, about 70 thousands were killed
  In the fighting of Al-Amaoian about 50 thousands were killed (17)

- In the Othmanian epoch about 75 thousands were killed in the Muslim wars (18)

Those and others, besides the uncounted numbers of Jews and Christians throughout history

As Islam considers the religion inseparable from the nation, which should be changed as the religion is between man and God. But the nation is for everybody

Here is the role of the Islamic scholar to issue casuistries inciting Muslims to go back to the peaceful Mekkaian epoch

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