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The prophetical medicine

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The camel's urine

-Narrated Anas Ibn malek: some people were very sick in Al-Madina , they came to the prophet, he told them to go to his shepherds and drink from the camel's milk and urine, so they went and drank from the camel's milk and urine , and they were cured, then they killed the Shepherds , stole the camels and fled away, the prophet knew about that , he send people after them , they brought them to him , he cut their hands and legs, and pierced their eyes , and left them to die in the desert (1)

So the camel's urine is a cure for the illness
We wish Dr. Zaghlol All-Najjar to explain it to us? Is that among the scientific miraculousness?

The honey:

Narrated Abe Saeed :a man came to the prophet saying my brother is sick , he has diarrhea, he told him : let him drink honey, he went , then came back later saying he did ,but he is worse now, the prophet said God is truthful and the tummy of your brother must be lying (2)

So the Tommy of the man is lying and there is no problem in the honey

So the honey is for curing abdominal illnesses

The black grain:

Narrated Khalid Ibn Saad : we went to Al-Madina , in the way Ghaleb was sick, we met Ibn Abe Otaikk he said: give him the black grain , take five or seven of them , crush them and drop them with oil into his nostrils both of them , I heard Aeisha saying: I heard from the prophet  his saying: that black grain is a remedy for every illness except the death (3)

About the black grain

Ibn Hajar Al-Askalany said about that black grain: it is the mustard grain, or cumin or a type of glue extracted from a tree called Al- KomKam (4)

The cure in three

The prophet said: the cure is in three things: cupping, honey and ironing (5)

Cupping: is the practice of making multiple scratches in the skin, to let blood comes out aiming for cure

Ironing: touching the site of illness by a hot object causing skin burns aiming for cure

The flies and the remedy within their wings

Narrated Abu-Hurairah : the prophet said ; if anyone got a flie dropped into his dish of food , he should dip it fully into it, and eat the food , as the flie has in one wing , the cause of illness and in the other wing the remedy for cure (6)

In Fath Al-Babb; he said: whoever speaks against that converse saying how the cause of illness and remedy exist together in the flie wings? he must be ignorant or pretending so, as lot of animals have such contradicting characters together , and God had made them so and forced such contradicting characters to be together
So whoever asks is ignorant?

The seven dates:

The prophet said: whoever eats each morning seven pieces of date, will not be affected by any poison or magic that day to the night (7)

Al-Askalany said, conveyed from Al-Quortoby: is it specific to the time of its mentioning or valid for every time? He said both are possible, we have to try that repeatedly to know

If someone tries it and it works so it is for every time
But if he tries and failed, so it is only for its time!!!

Al-Askalany said, conveyed from Ibn Al-Quiem: the dates of Al-Madina is of good quality, it kills the worms in the tummy,

So commenting on what Ibn Al-Quiem said, it is only for particular illness not everything
While the converse is not specifying thing in particular but it is generalizing

Even if we agree on that concerning the poisons, but what about the magic???

That's our question; we are asking the eminent Islamic scholars to give us answers

The invocation of the sick:

The prophet said: whoever has any sickness or his brother get ill, let him say: 'Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy. May your will be done on Earth, as it is in heaven, let your mercy be in earth as it is in heaven, Forgive us for our sins, you are the lord of the kind , let your mercy and cure come onto that illness , so it will go " (8)

That's exactly the lordly prayer said by the Christ, and it was quoted from the bible

The duration of pregnancy:

Narrated Omar: the prophet said: no one knows what comes as miscarriage, or post dated except God and only him (9)

It was mentioned that two men disputed about a boy, each of them claiming that he is his father, they went to Omar Ibn al-Khatab , he asked some women of Korish about that boy, they said the first man had relation with the women then he left her , she had a bleeding , so she thought that she is menstruating , and not pregnant, so when the second man had relation with her, his semen went inside her, and nourished the embryo of the first man inside her womb,
The prophet yelled ' Allah Akbar" and he gave the boy to the first man

The scholars have a disagreement about the exact duration of pregnancy, some said two years as maximum period , others said three, four or even up to ten years

Al-Darqatly narrated; Aeisha said the pregnancy is for two years as maximum
There was a man who came to Omer Ibn Al-Khatab saying , I was away for two years and when I came back I found my wife pregnant, Omer was about to stone her, then Moaaz Ibn jabal said : O prince of believers , if you can judge her, you definitely canít judge the embryo inside her womb, so let her give birth to the child, so he left her , she delivered a baby with teeth , the man looked at him and noticed the resemblance to him so, he yelled :that's my boy, I swear by God of Al-Ka'bah

Al-Darqatly narrated; Al-Waleed Ibn Salem said: the period of pregnancy is three years in its maximum, then Malek replied: I heard from Aeisha her saying that it doesn't exceed two years, he said who said that, here we have the wife of Muhammad Ibn Ajlan, she is conceiving and delivering her babies after four years ,she is truthful woman ,and also his husband is truthful

Al-Mubarak Ibn Mubarak said: that wife of Ibn Ajlan, is conceiving and delivering her baby after four years, she was called the elephant mother

A man came to malek saying to him, invocate for that woman, she is now pregnant for four years, and she is in awful condition, then the man invocated saying: O God if this woman has wind inside her womb , please let it go, and if she is carrying a girl, then change it with a boy ,you are Almighty God , you can do anything, and  all the people prayed with him , she delivered a full grown boy with teeth in his mouth

It was said that Muhammad Ibn Ajlan stayed inside the womb of his mother for three years, and she died while she was pregnant, the people opened her tummy and extracted the baby, and he was delivered with teeth into his mouth

Abad Ibn Al-Foad narrated:  a neighbour of us gave birth to a child after four years, he had hair up to his shoulders and when he was delivered, he saw a bird coming beside him he yelled at it to fly away, so he was even talking

Malek said that the pregnancy can last for unlimited time even up to ten years

We are asking what is the medical opinion in those narrations? Did any one hear about a child coming after four years of pregnancy with long hair and talking?

Only we know that animals like cattle can have pregnancy for 11 months

Muhammad and his pregnancy period

They found that the prophet Muhammad was staying inside the womb of his mother for four years

As all the books of the prophetical life history mentioned that the father of Muhammad Abdullah married his mother in the same day as his father Abdul-Muteleb , as he and his father married two sisters on the same day, Abdullah the father of Muhammad died after few months of marriage leaving a baby inside Am'na , his wife, the mother of Muhammad., and his grand father Abdul Muteleb had a child from his wife who was Hamza, the uncle of the prophet, he was killed during the incursion of O'hud, and they said that he was four years older than Muhammad as all the books affirmed , so the only solution for this, is that Muhammad was staying inside the womb of his mother for four years!!!

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