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The Converses on Adult Suckling

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Adult suckling

- Narrated Ibn Shehab: when he was asked about adult suckling he said; Abe Hozaifa one of the companions of the messenger of God has adopted a boy named Salem, then when God descended a verse in his book concerning Zaied Ibn thabet abating the adoption saying: call them after their fathers (meaning that to attribute those adopted sons to their biological fathers) , Salma the wife of Abe Hozaifa came to the messenger of God saying: we had an adopted son named Salem ,he was getting into my house while I was wearing one dress , after the adoption was abated , my husband  Abe Hozaifa hated to see him getting into my home, while I am in such way, so what do you think?, how can I deal with that? The prophet replied her: then let him suck from you five times, and then he will be forbidden to you (as it was thought that if one sucks from a woman, he will be like her son)? She said surprisingly: how could I suckle him while he is a full grown man? Then the prophet smiled and said: I know that he is a full grown man
She went out and followed that advice and allowed the man to suck from her, she came back to the prophet saying I suckled him, now I don't find anything wrong with my husband any more (1)

This story about Adult suckling was mentioned in:

- Sahih Muslim , converse number 3663, 3674
- Mawtte' malek
- Sonan Al-Nyssa'y
- Sonan Al-Bayhaky
- Sonan Ibn Majah
- The abrogator and abrogated by Abe-Gaefar Al-Mansour, page124
- And other exegesis

- The Adult suckling issue is among the subjects studied in Al-Azhar University for the students of the third grade (2)

- Dr Abdul-Mahdy Abdul-Kader Abdul-Hady one of Al-Azhar professors said about this: this converse is true and considered among the highly truthful converses , and can't be denied by any honest researcher, it is considered a medal on the chest of Islam

- Ibn Shehab continued his narration about the Adult suckling saying;" and so, Aeisha the mother of believers followed the prophet's advice, when she wanted some men to get into her house, she was asking her sister Om' Kolthoum, the daughter of Abe-Baker, and her niece to suckle those men, so by that way she will be like the aunt of them, and they can get into her house freely and be with her (1)

- Narrated Zainab Bent Om Salma: Om Salma said to Aeisha , I am seeing the full grown men getting into your house, which I hate to see from you, Aeisha replied: didn't you hear about Salma the wife of Abe Hozaifa?  who came to the messenger of God complaining to him that Salem was getting into her house and her husband  Abe Hozaifa hated to see that ,and  the prophet said to her: then let him suck from you, to be permissible for him to get into your house freely, so don't you follow the advice of the messenger of God ? (3)

- It was mentioned that Aeisha remained in her attitude towards the adult suckling issue, and she was practicing it (4)

- Aeisha supported her attitude saying: there was among the descended verses of the quran, a verses saying about giving ten known suckling, then that verse was abrogated by another one saying that they are five known suckling , ant till the messenger of God
Died, this verse was among the recited verses of the quran (5)

- Narrated Aeisha; the verse concerning the adult suckling was in a paper under my bed, when the prophet of God was very sick (before he died), we were very busy looking after him, then a goat came into the house, and ate that paper, and till the messenger of God died, this verse was among the recited verses of the quran (6)

Converses of Aeisha

- Narrated Aeisha: the prophet married me, while I was six years old, we came to Al-Madina, and went to the house of Al-Harith, I was playing on a swing with my friends, may mother came to me , I had no idea what she wanted of me, she took me by hand and we came by the house door , while I was breathing rapidly, then I calm down, she took some water and washed my face and head, she took me inside the house, there were some women from Al-Ansar, inside, they fixed my look , then she said it is Ok now, then she took me and gave me to him( the prophet),at that day I was 9 years old (7)

Some say that, may be she was 9 years old, but looks like 19 years old, actually that's not true for the following reasons:

1) she was playing with her fiends on the swing
2) she had no idea of what was going on
3) her mother washed her face and head
4) she was carried from the swing and brought to the prophet (8)
5) the prophet was bringing her friends to play with her
6) it was mentioned that the prophet was carrying her on his shoulders , to watch some of the Ethiopians playing outside

- So is that rational to think for a 19 years old lady to play in a swing, to be carried on the shoulders and to let someone wash her face

- The prophet Muhammad was 54 years old when he married Aeisha the 9 years old child

- Narrated Ibn Hesham: the messenger of God was staying a lot in the house of Aeisha, so his other wives were jealous of Aeisha, and complained about that, they send Om Salma to him, asking him to be fair with them , he told her, don't speak about Aeisha in such a way , the revelation from God comes to me always when I am with Aeisha in bed and not with any other one of you (9)

- Narrated Aeisha: the prophet was reciting the quran, with his head on my thighs, while I was menstruating (10)
While the quran said that the menstruating women should be avoided, and the messenger of God was putting his head on her thighs while she was menstruating!!

- Narrated Aeisha: the prophet came to me one night, while I was menstruating, he said to me come closer. I told him I am menstruating, he said expose your thighs, so I did, he put his head and chest on my thighs and slept (10)

- Narrated Aeisha that the prophets was kissing her, and sucking her tongue while he was on fasting (12)

- Narrated Ibn Omeir: I came into the house of Aeisha, with my mother and aunt, we asked her, how was the prophet behaving if any one of you was menstruating? She replied: he was asking that woman to put a loose cloth, and then he was manipulating her breast and chest only (13)

- That converse of Aiesha was accredited by Al-Tourmozy, as he said it is good and true, and so did the rest of companions and followers of the prophet, also accredited by al-Shafe'y and Ahmed (14)

- It was noticed that the converses of Miss Aeisha was about the most delicate and sensitive matters of the sexual life of the prophet
So today's Muslims should realize there was freedom of expression about the special life of Muhammad, even those concerning his bed , and knowing that stories narrated by Aiesha will give us full idea about who was Muhammad , his characters and ethics

- It was mentioned that Abdullah Ibn Omer sent to Aeisha asking her: could a man have relationship with his wife, while she is menstruating? She said: yes she can pull down her clothes, and then he can have relationship with her (15)

The man didn't fell embarrassed to ask such sexual question to the wife of the prophet

- Narrated Aeisha: the prophet was making love with me while I was menstruating, while we were under the same blanket (16)

- Aeisha was speaking with men about how to make love with their wives and what they should do (17)

- Aeisha told Abdullah Bin Abdul-Rahman when he came into her house: what prevents you from kissing your wife and fondling her, he said how could I kiss her while I am on fasting? , she said no problem of that, the messenger of God was kissing me and sucking my tongue while he was fasting

So Aeisha was a marital advisor for husbands about the marital relationship, she was not just answering their questions, but she was giving them advises

-In the bank of casuistries on the internet under the title "casuistries on the sexual relationships" on it was mentioned that:

The messenger of God forbade for the man to speak with people about his sexual relationship with his wife, and he forbade the woman to speak to people about  what is happening between her and her husband , he said don't do that , as doing that is like a male devil met a female devil and had sexual relationship together while the people were watching them

So how the prophet forbade that speaking, while Aeisha mentioned the very fine details of her sexual life with the prophet, and she was discussing with men their marital relationships with their wives

Isn't that very strange??

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