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Human Resemblances of God

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The Muslims are accusing the Christians by resembling God by human, while the quran said: There is nothing like Him

We will discuss that issue

The human characters of God

In the Consultation chapter (Surat Ash-Shura) 11:"There is nothing like Him, and He is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer"

The verse said that God is All-Hearer and All-Seer, so he sees and hears, which are human characters, so the human characters of God are present in the quran

In the cow chapter (Surat Al-Baqarah) 115:" wherever you turn yourselves, there is the Face of Allah"

So they are saying that God has a face which is everywhere

Al-Quortoby said: using the expression " the face of God " is a metaphorical expression, as the face is the most evident part of the body and the most dignified

And as we know the metaphorical expressions include: similitude, metonymy, and allegory

In Victory chapter (Surat Al-Fath) 10:"The Hand of Allah is over their hands"

So they are saying that God has a hand!

- Narrated Omar Ibn Al-Khatab: the prophet said: God created Adam, then by his right hand he swapped out of his back his offspring, the people of paradise, he said I created those people for the paradise , and they will do the deeds of the people of paradise , then he swapped out of his back the people of the fire, and they will do the deeds of the people of fire (1)

So they are saying that God has a right hand by which he swapped the back of Adam

- Narrated Ibn Abbas: the prophet said: My lord, blessed his name came to me in the most wonderful image , he put his hands over my shoulders, so I felt their coolness through my chest  (2)

 So God has an image and a hand

- the prophet said: God  will wrap the skies on the day of resurrection, then will take them by his right hand, then will wrap the earth by his left hand (3)

 So they are saying that God has right and left hands!!!

- Narrated Abe-Hurairah: God's hand is full, and by his other hand he carries the balance
   He raises and lays down (4)
So they are saying that God has two hands!!

- Narrated Anas; there were still people thrown into the fire, and the fire keep saying I need more, till the lord of all that exist put his foot in it , then it will stop complaining (5)

So God has a foot and he put his foot in the fire

The Pen chapter (Surat Al-Qalam) 42:" the Day when the leg shall be laid bare and they shall be called to prostrate, but they shall not be able to do so"

Al-Tabry said in his exegesis: when Al-Mighty God mentioned that the pious will be in the paradise of blissfulness, God says when the leg shall be laid bare, that's the day of resurrection

Al-Bokhary said; narrated Abe saeed Al-Khedry: I heard the prophet saying our lord will expose his leg, so every believer man or woman will prostrate to him

So they are saying that God has a leg and he exposes it to the people

The human actions of God:

In Sahih Muslim: When God finished the judgment of people, a man was left, his face was towards the fire and he was the last one of the people of paradise, he said: O my lord, take my face away from the fire, as It is burning, God said to him: if I do that for you, you will not ask me for something else? , the man said: yes, I will not ask you for anything else, and he gave God all the treaties and promises he asked for, then God took his face away from the fire, when the man saw the paradise, he said: O my lord, take me to the paradise , the lord said to him : if I do that for you, you will not ask me for something else? , the man said: yes, I will not ask you for anything else, then God took him to the paradise, he kept invocating God ,till AL-mighty God laughed , and when God laughed , he took him to the paradise (6)

So they are saying that God is laughing!!!

The prophet said: the throne is shaking because of God's laughing

- In Mosnad Ahmed : a woman from Al-Ansar named Asma bent yazid said: when Saad Ibn Moaaz died , his mother was mourning , the prophet said to her , wouldn't your grief go away , your son was the first one God had laughed for him, and the throne shook because of him

So they telling about God that he is laughing to the extent that the throne shook because of his laughing

While the shaking of God's throne means movement from place to place, isn't God filling everywhere?

- Narrated Abe-Hurairah: the prophet said: God says I am at my servant's good thinking of me, I am with him if he remembers me, if he comes to me walking , I will come to him running (7)

So they are saying that God is running!!!

- Narrated Abe-Hurairah:the prophet said: God comes down each night to the lower sky  and stays for the last third of the night , he says, whoever call me , I will answer him , whoever ask me something , I will give him, whoever ask my forgiveness I will grant it to him (8)

Isn't God present everywhere, so how does he come down and stay part of the night in a place then rise up again?

Narrated Oquba Ibn Muslim, about a man named Shafeya Al-Asbahy , he went inside the city and saw a man , he asked who is that man , they told him , that's Abe-Hurairah, he came close to him and asked him ; tell me a converse you heard and realized from the messenger of God , Abe-Hurairah said I will do, he said : the messenger of God told me that in the day of resurrection, God, blessed his name, will come down to his servants to judge them

Does God come down? Isn't he present everywhere?

In Ta-Ha chapter (Surat Ta-Ha) 5:"The Most Beneficent (Allah) Istawâ (rose over) the Throne"

A l-Quortoby said: we have to sublimate the mighty creator from being confined to a particular place, as he couldn't be limited to that particular place, but all the scholars in the past confirmed what was mentioned in God's book, and none of them denied that he actually rose over the throne, but they didn't know how he rose over the throne, as the real nature of that sitting over the throne is unknown , and asking about that is considered a heresy, as the quran mentioned that: the throne of God is carried by the angels  (9)

It is mentioned in The Inevitable chapter (Surah Al-Haqqah) 17:"And the angels will be on their sides, and that Day eight angels will bear the Throne of your Lord above them"

A l-Quortoby said: Narrated Ibn abbas: there are eight rows of angels, their number is known only by God

The prophet said: the throne carriers are four, and on the day of resurrection God will reinforce them by another four, so they will be eight, each of them has four faces, a face of a man, of a lion , of an ox and of an eagle

Each one of those faces is asking the sustenance for that specie

When the prophet was listening to Omi'ah Ibn Abe Al-Salat reciting his poem

A man and ox,                                            under his right leg
The eagle for the other one                      and a great lion

The prophet then said that's right, and over their backs the throne and they are the cherubs
So that was quoted from the Holy Bible in revelation 4:7:" The first creature was like a lion, and the second creature like a calf, and the third creature had a face like a man, and the fourth was like a flying eagle"

As Omi'ah Ibn Abe Al-Salat was greatly influenced by the Holy Bible and he quoted lot from it in his poems, Muhammad subsequently took that from him

God with an image:

Narrated Abdul-Rahman Ibn Aie'sh: the messenger of God came out one day, and he was joyful, with shining face, they asked him: we are seeing you joyful, with shining face, the prophet said to them; how wouldn't I be joyful and my lord came to me tonight in the brightest image, he said to me O, Muhammad how happy are you, then he put his hands in-between my shoulders, so I felt their coolness through my chest (10)

So God has a hand and image

God can change his image:

In a very interesting story about God's image

- Narrated Abe-Hurairah: some people came to the messenger of God asking him; would we see our lord in the day of resurrection? He replied: did you get hurt if you see the moon in a full moon night? , they said: No, he said then you will see him like that
In the day of resurrection, God will gather people, and he will come to them in an image, different from that image they used to know!!!

He will say to them I am your lord, they will say: Oh No, we are seeing refuge to God from you. we will stay here till we see our lord, as if he comes to us, we will recognize him ,then he will come to them in his original image that they know saying I am your lord, they will say: Oh Yes you are our lord , and they will follow him (11)

So God has an original image and he can change this image to another one
What is his original image? And he has one image or multiple images?

- Narrated Abe-Hurairah: the prophet said; if some one had fight with another; avoid the face as God had created Adam on his image (12)

In a holy converse it was said that: God had created man on the image of the All-merciful

Al-Nawawy said in his exegesis that the scholars said that's true

- Narrated jarir: we were sitting with the prophet, and he was looking to the moon, in a full moon night, he said; you will see your lord as you see the moon (13)

- In Sahih Al-Bokhary: the prophet said that you will see your lord by eye vision

- Also in Sahih Al-Bokhary: the prophet said: in the paradise people will see God with the dress of arrogance on his face

- In Sahih Muslim the prophet said: when the people of paradise get there, the shield will be removed and they will see the face of their lord (14)

- Narrated Saeed Ibn Al-Mothiab: I met Abe-Hurairah, then he said to me: I am asking God to meet with you in the paradise market , I said ; is there a market in the paradise?, he replied; yes , people in the paradise are allowed in a day similar to Friday to visit their lord, he will come from his throne to meet them in a garden of the paradise , with shining lights around
- In that sitting God will speak to each of them preaching him, and saying to him: do you remember when you have done so and so?, the man will answer: didn't you forgive me my lord?, he replies him , yes I forgave you
- Then our lord will say :go and take what I prepared for you from the blessings and graces, then will go to a market paved by angels , within it things which an eye didn't see, and an ear didn't hear, which didn't enter into the heart of man ( that was quoted from the Holy Bible in 1 Corinthians 2:9), then we will go back to our places, our wives will meet us saying: Oh what beautiful are you, you are more beautiful than when you left us ,they will say, today we met with our mighty lord (15)

- Isn't that incarnation of God giving him a hands ,legs, face and image

- And they are accusing the Christians by giving God human characters, while they are giving God that human characters and actions , making him laughing ,coming down and moving from place to another

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