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Articles of Dr: Khalid Montaser & Mr. Basiouny

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The Article of Dr: Khalid Montaser

In an article published in Al-Akhbar "the news" newspaper on 30/10/2004 by Dr: Khalid Montaser, under the title" a report for his eminence Sheikh of Al-Azhar" he wrote:

An open letter to Sheikh of Al-Azhar about the educational curricula in Al-Azhar and the jurisprudence books with the bizarre things included in them:

With quick look to the educational curricula in Al-Azhar, that is learned by 99% of those who are carrying the burden of our religious education and enlightening, the curricula that the enlightened Muslims had been for long time requesting their development

Among those who requested their changing and development are;

Ala' Kaoud, Ahmad Sobhy Mansour, Tarek Al-Beshry, and even Sheikh of Al-Azhar himself who requested many time changing it and had been attacked by the precisians

The reference books in Al-Azhar curricula and their bizarreness

Those are examples of the jurisprudence books, for Al-Azhar schools:

- "Al-Rawd Al-Mourab' Besharh Zat Al-Moustanque'" for the Hanbalian rite
   It was written four centuries ago

- 'Al-Iqna' Fi Hal Alfaz Abe Shouga'" for the Shaffiean rite, it was written four centuries ago

 - "Al-ikhtiar letahlil Al-Mukhtar" for the Haniffian rite, it was written five centuries ago

 - The most recent of them is "AL-Sharh AL-Saghir" for the Malakian rite, and it was written two centuries ago

As we see, even the verbalisms and titles are outdated since long time

Of those jurisprudence curricula, we will have the following quotations;

About the divorce:

The students of the twenty first century are studying that: if a man tells his wife , I will divorce you if that coming unknown bird is a crow , and the student keep thinking, what if the bird was really a crow, would he divorce her really, what if it turns to be hornbill , what he will do then (1)

The prostration:

What would we do, poor we are, as we were commanded to prostrate on seven bones; the forehead , the hands, the knees, and the ends of feet, so what he will do who was born with two heads, four arms, or four legs (2)

What the students will gain of learning such bizarre things

It was written also that it is forbidden to wear the sarmouz and jomjom, and those things are extinct long time ago

The jurisprudence curricula don't only show that bizarre language, but also contradict with the recent science

As examples for that in the prophetical medicine: (it was mentioned as separate issue)

- The duration of pregnancy: being from 2 to 10 years (3)

If the author of the book has an excuse as he wrote his book four centuries ago, but Al-Azhar has no excuse at all to include such scientific bosh

- Using the camel urine as a remedy: (4)

- What is considered impure?

- Al-Shafe'y said as an exception of the impure things those with no blood as lice and flees

- The clothes should be folded by night not to be worn by Al-Jinn (5)

The natural phenomena:

Even the natural phenomena are not saved from that bizarreness

The thunder;

In the Haniffian jurisprudence. It was said that the thunder is an angel and the lightening is its wings, by which it drives the clouds (6)

The condition of the twins:

In the Malakian jurisprudence, it is said that to have twins, there must be less than six months gape in between the pregnancies (7)

Dr: Montaser said that those things should be revised, and everything that contradict with the recent science should be removed from the curricula, it is not justified to keep those things only because they were written by the ancients ,we can't accept that and take off our minds completely

The stature of woman

The stature of woman is really humiliating, as no creature had been subjected to such humiliation as the women had

Examples of that:

Of the jurisprudence in the curriculum of Al-Azhar secondary schools;

-The husband has no obligation to buy a shroud for his wife when she dies

Imagine the wife who lived all her life serving her husband, when she dies ,he has no obligation to get a shroud for her, as he is not enjoying her anymore (8)

- The husband has the right to forbid his wife from attending the funeral of her father and mother, and to prevent her from suckling her child from a previous marriage (9)

- The husband has the right to beat his wife but not harshly, by harshly it said less than ten whips

- It is preferable for a man to marry the woman whose mother died

The slavery and servitude

I think Sheikh of Al-Azhar is not accepting that the jurisprudence books being full of verdicts and legislations concerning the slavery and servitude, and we are now in the twenty first century , with the presence of human rights treaties that were signed by Egypt

Dr: Montaser concluded his article saying; the only explanation for that exists with only one person, he is the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, and that I don't understand how he accepts that kind of bizarre meditation

That's the reason for which I wrote that subject, to discuss the issue in a wide scale, as it is a community issue, either we open the doors for the future, or to stay still in the cave of the past, regurgitating those superstitious and die with the ignorance asphyxia
The article of Mr. Basiouny

In Al-Araby "the Arabic" newspaper of Cairo, the electronic edition on 12/9/2004, there was an article written by Mr. Majedy Al-Basiouny with the title:

"An Azharian professor says suckle from your friend's wife, you can get into his house"

He wrote: inside Al-Azhar university there is a disaster, included in a book written by Dr Abdul-Mahdy Abdul-Kader Abdul-Hady, the professor in the faculty of the religion basis, and that book is studied by the students of the third grade in Al-Azhar University

In page 97 of his book: speaking about The Adult suckling saying: among the famous companions was Salem, he was with Abe Hozaifa, as he adopted him, when the quran verse descended abating the adoption , that caused much embarrassment to Abe Hozaifa and his wives

Salma the wife of Abe Hozaifa came to the messenger of God saying: we had an adopted son named Salem, he was getting into my house, after the adoption was abated , my husband  Abe Hozaifa hated to see him getting into my home, so what do you think?, The prophet said to her: then let him suck from you five times, and then he will be forbidden to you by your milk, and so, Aeisha the mother of believers followed the prophet's advice, when she wanted some men to get into her house, she was asking her sister Om' Kolthoum, the daughter of Abe-Baker, and her niece to suckle those men, and they can get into her house freely and be with her

- in page 103 of his book, the Azharian professor is affirming that : this converse is true and considered among the highly truthful converses, and can't be denied by any honest researcher, it is considered a medal on the chest of Islam ,and a wonderful subject in the Mohammedan Sunnah

Mr. Al-Basiouny said ironically: according to this, I am warning any citizen from preventing any man standing in the middle of the street, in his car or underground station yelling to a woman saying to her: please mother let me suckle from you, as I am starving  , then the woman exposes one of her breasts and let him suck from it, he starts sucking quickly and keep sucking till he is satisfied, even if he has to suck from the other breast

-Is sucking has to be by direct sucking from the breast or milk can be extracted in a pot then to be given to the sucker?

On that issue the Azharian professor said in page 99: the sucking is not only by direct sucking from the nipple , but he can get the milk by any mean , and not necessary by holding the breast and sucking from the nipple
As milk can be milked in a pot and given to the man to drink, and by that way he will be the son of that woman (actually he should be the son of the pot and not the woman)

Mr. Abdul-Fattah Asaker said: the linguistic meaning of sucking in the dictionary and jurisprudence books is: sucking a human breast

Mr. Abdul-Fattah Asaker added some embarrassing questions as:

1) Does the suckling occurs between the sucking man and the woman, while they are alone or in front of the woman's family?, especially the sucker should be in the bosom of the woman according to the Zaharian rite as he should hold the breast

2) Is the man allowed to hold the breast by his hand as the child does?

3) If there was a sexual desire between the man and the woman, what will be the situation if pregnancy happened ?

Those are  two enlightened persons with their researches and opinions published in the Egyptian press , so why it is denied for the open minded youth to search to know the facts , and express himselves freely, protected by the human rights, without a fear of an authority to deprive him from his human rights or a sward directed towards his neck

And why our opinions are regarded as tough while they are expression for the free opinion

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