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The Article of Dr: Kamel Saedoun

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In an article written by Dr: Kamel Saedoun on the internet under the "civilized dialogue" on 23/9/2004 under the title of:

"Muhammad's converses, are they valid as religious or behavioral reference?"

He said: the quran and Mohammedan Sunnah are the basic references for Islam, as the behest of Muhammad himself said

The quran, that's supposed to be God's words, we can see how it is contradicting, with confused ideology, distraction, and its parts abrogating the others, it is full of discomfiture , and spontaneity in expressing its subjects

The quran is expressing also a duality of what is personal concerning the messenger and his wives, and what is general taken from the tales and legendaries of the ancients that were quoted unhonestely from Jews' papers

Concerning the Sunnah, that's the great problem, as Muhammad in spite of the tremendous polishing performed by his successors and the historians of his life history, was not such kind spiritual person, devoid of transgression, lust, greed and aggression , but on the contrary he was that cleaver politician , and a man deeply involved in the worldliness, his attitude towards God and people was characterized by hypocrisy, and as well as ,personal, political and economic ambitions

In his life there was no single spiritual miraculousness or real supernatural powers, can justify his claim of being in touch with God or getting a message from God

The Sunnah:

The Sunnah is the personal life history of Muhammad's deeds and sayings, that we were enforced to follow as regards his deeds and sayings

That Sunnah was actually devoid of credibility, realism, justice, mercy and practical necessity

In addition to that, the lack of holiness of its owner deprived it from holiness, and nullified people's compulsion to follow it by any mean, as if the man was not honest, how would his deeds and sayings be honest, or how can we believe in them?

It's good that I didn't exhibit the tons of converses narrated by the " homira'" (meaning Aeisha), as I don't know would that immature preadolescent girl be the honest conveyers of that tremendous number of converses about his sayings and deeds?

I will just mention a converse about a cheap action of that man

The prophet said" if someone saw a woman , and he liked her, he has to go to his wife , as she has what that woman has", meaning that to relieve his sexual desire provoked by that women in his wife (1)

The story of that converse was that Muhammad was walking with his companions one night, he met a beautiful woman, then that fiftieth or probably sixtieth old man got flushed and his organs were excited , he left his companions, rushing to his nearest house, it was that of his wife zainab,

After quarter of an hour, he got relieved, came out of his house and went to the mosque telling people that famous saying

That saying ,we were requested by the sheikhs and scholars to follow as the messenger of God was the one who said that if someone saw a woman , and he liked her, he has to go to his wife, as she has what that woman has

Imagine my dear reader , if you were there at that time with Muhammad and you were walking together, having friendly chatting about the religious issues and the good deeds, then you passed by a gorgeous woman, with sexy waist and legs, and your friend got excited and he told you stay here, I will be back after getting relieved in the house of my wife zainab, and he is back to you after a quarter of an hour ,telling you to do like him when you see a beautiful woman and got excited

Would you believe in that old fiftieth man, who has plenty of women, and living such emotional and sexual life, that life lived only by the emperors of his time?

Could that man really be a messenger from God? Or was he really occupied in conveying the message of God and settling the community of mercy, love, peace and justice? , while he had such lusty soul , and getting excited when he saw a woman , and in few seconds he had to leave his way and rush to his house , raping his wife to relieve his sexual desire in her, then get out, and became again that wise man preaching the good deeds to people

I swear, if that man was my father, and he left me going to my mother to have sex with her, I would not respect him anymore, and from that moment I would loose the ability of believing him in any saying after that cheap lusty experience

If that prophethood claimer was really a spiritual person, and a man of a spiritual mission, if he believed in his mission, he would have a sublimate soul and be stronger than that, and resistant to such seduction

That lust didn't overcome hundreds of men among the sophists of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hindu, Zerdeshtian and other religious

For example. Gandhi, the great man, the pagan Hindi leader, he lived with his wife for 36 years on one bed , he didn't think one day of turning towards her to relieve his lusty desires, although the spiritual transparent relationship between them was greater and much more sublimate than the love of Muhammad's wives for him, although she was his only wife , she was very honest to him till the end , why? As the man was occupied by the case of liberation of his nation from the British colony, and in spite of the legality of that case, he never rose a weapon in front of the British, never shed a blood or incited people for "Jihad " or called for fighting and slaughtering of people in his preaches, he never made casuistries in sex, food, wine or maids, as he was occupied with his sublimate mission, that's greater than all of those things together, his religion was a spiritual religion ,not like Muhammad's religion, and his personage was much more sublimate and noble than that of Muhammad

- The Christ also preached for love, and he showed mercy for the sinner woman, and he stopped her stoning by people telling them:" He who is without sin among you, let him stone her."

Such examples are those we can follow as the noble sayings are coupled with the
 Sublimate noble deeds that are away from the worldliness, such saying have the credibility to follow, and they can be followed with all comfort

While the sayings of Muhammad had great discrepancy with his deeds

That man had many sayings concerning women and sexual relations, which reflect his lusty personage and aggression, wasn't he the one who said:" if man meets a woman, Satan will be their third person" , imagine how was he obsessed with sex?

That man stole from the life of mankind more than thousands years in a sick friable mission

(There was no response from Al-Azhar or any Islamic scholars to that article)


How did Islam propagate?

Islam had propagated all over the world for the following reasons:

1) The sward:

 The sward and fighting was the main factor behind the propagation of Islam, and by the sward it was protected

It was said that: the propagation of Islam by sward is a mandatory commitment for all Muslims" (2)

2) The renouncement verdict

Muslim can't leave Islam, as if he did so ,he will be killed, that's the renouncement verdict settled by Islam, no Muslim could quit Islam or else he would loose his life, and his women and money will be taken

The prophet said: "whoever changes his religion, kill him" (3)

There was a story about an Islamic missionary in an African country, they met with an old man, and told him would you believe in one god and have four women, or believe in three gods (that's the way they describe the Christians) and have only one woman, the man replied I like women , so I will take four women, they said to him then testify the two testimonies , the man testified the two testimonies of Islam, they told him now you are a Muslim ,we have to be circumcised, he said : why I am an old man , why you want to cut part of my body, they said to him that's mandatory in Islam , you have to be circumcised and we will give you the money grant to expense on your four wives, the man accepted, then after about a month they stopped giving him the money , the man went to them complaining: where is the money , they said :now you are  a well established Muslim, we will not give you money anymore , the man was angry , he said then I will quit Islam , they said to him you couldn't quit Islam , or you will be killed, the man said :
: What religion is this, if you get into it, part of your body will be cut, and if you get out of it, your body will be cut into pieces?

3) Teaching people since childhood with the idea that Islam is the right religion, and the Christians and Jewish are disbelievers, and Muhammad is the last prophet to come, so since early childhood the minds of people are full of that , and they can go no other way

4) Ignorance of Islam, people don't study Islam, and they are not aware of all its facts

5) Islam is justifying the body lusts and possessions, and instead of sublimating the human nature, it degrade that nature

6) Islam is promoting the reproduction and expansion of the Muslim nation by promoting people to have many children

So those are the factors behind the propagation of Islam

The Christ said:" wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter in by it. How narrow is the gate, and restricted is the way that leads to life! Few are those who find it" (Matthew 7:13, 14)

So it is not the matter of numerical expansion but the heartily faith that matters

(1) Sahih Al-Bokhary, the wedlock book, converse number 1403

(2) Islamic encyclopaedia , part 11, page 3245

(3) Mote' Malek , converse number 559

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