Père Zakaria Boutros
le plus grand évangélisateur de musulmans au monde
(Episode 81)
The ten petitions

The author      : Father Zakaria Boutros
The publisher:

The Islamic proselytisers are aspersing the Christian creeds throughout the Islamic history, among them Sheikh Al-Sharawy, the proselytiser Ahmed Didat, and many others

We are affirming that we are speaking motivated by love, speaking with sound logic
And if we are handling those subjects we are pushed to discuss by the Islamic proselytisers, as they had discussed those subjects openly and frankly, that doesn't mean that we hate Muslims, but we love them and we are seeking their salvation

Those Islamic proselytisers had done what they had been ordered by their religion to do
As their religion is inciting the believers for Al-jihad, so that is their religious duty, what they had been taught by their religion

The Islamic governments are encouraging them tremendously, by giving them vast areas in the television, newspapers, magazines, and all forms of broadcasting, encouraging them, and rewarding them for attacking the Christianity in its creeds

Meanwhile the Christian has no right to speak and defend himself or his creeds, as he will pay for that his freedom and will be jailed

Me (father Zakaria), is an example for that, I was put in prison on 1981, as I was rebutting Sheikh Al-Sharawy and the Muslims accusations , they accused me of inciting the secular turbulence

 My goal was never personal, I am not seeking any form of personal privilege or aiming to be a star as they claim, but my motivation is my love to God and  to those precious souls the God had loved

Actually they didn't expect what we are doing now through the life channel, as we had lived for long time in repression and restrains of the free expression

While vast areas of expression were granted to the Islamic proselytisers, we were not given any way of expressing ourselves

In 1989 they wanted to get rid of me by expelling me outside the country after imprisoning me for four days without food or water as I was answering those proselytisers , they accused me of inciting the secular turbulence , they thought by sending me outside the country the door will be closed , but that 's God plan to return to them with the bread of life

Like what happened with Joseph, when his brothers got rid of him, God saved him and put him in that dignified position in Egypt as there was a plan for him by God

I m speaking frankly, honestly as there is no permission of laying in the Holy Bible, that "Taquiah "or permissible laying present in Islam, as there are three types of permissible laying in Islam : laying on the wife by her husband, laying in war, and laying for reconciliation between people

But the holy bible is telling us "let your speech be 'Yes', 'Yes' or 'No', 'No.' Whatever is more than these is of the evil one.

So I am telling the word of truth, I am not lying , as all kinds of laying is deep black lies , there is no such white laying, and all liars will find themselves in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur and they will never inherit the kingdom of heaven

My only motivation is love and my goal is salvation of souls, and in-between them the logic, the truth, the calm dialogue and the word of God

They wanted to hurt me, but God saved me, that's the plan of God, no one has anything to do with it

For those people who are saying that speaking about the accusations of people who died, will give me a relief as they will not answer me. I am saying that although Sheikh Al-Sharawy died and the fate of the proselytiser Ahmed Didat is unknown, whether he died or still alive handicapped we don't know for sure, but the proselytisers are present everywhere

I am not attacking persons, but I am concerned with thoughts in the first place

Those proselytisers had thoughts and accusations that still exist in their books; they are aspersing Christian creeds and the personage of the Christ himself

I am practicing the free expression very frankly; no one can deprive me of my freedom, the sward epoch had gone, when they cut the tongues of our ancestors not to speak their Coptic language, the epoch of avulsion of heads had gone

In order to stop that, I am declaring to every Arabic government, I am not asking anything for myself, but my petitions are for the truth and the creed, they are:

1) Deleting all the quran verses that degrade the Christ from his divinity, especially the revelation of God in him

2) Affirming that the Christ being the spirit of God and his word, as they believe, and nihility of masking that fact

3) Deleting all the quran verses and converses, that incite on killing the Christians as" The Repentance chapter (Surat At-Taubah) 29:"Fight against those who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (Islam) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah (tribute) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued"

4) Deleting all the quran verses and converses, that incite on terrorism and injustice in all its forms as " I was commanded to fight people till they testify that, no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" and " incite the believers for fight" etc

5) Deleting all the quran verses that are aspersing in the crucifixion of the Christ, and scepticizing in the great God's plan for the redemption

6) Halting of attacking the Christ and the Holy Bible in mosques, and all form of broadcasting

7) Giving everyone and every Muslim the freedom to embrace the religion he chooses, and granting the free expression for everyone

8) Abating the renouncement verdict and stoppage of torturing the converted new Christians, or imprisoning them or killing them

9) Receiving formal apologies from those in charge all over the Arabic nation for killing the Christians in the countries invaded by Islam

10) Receiving formal apologies from those in charge all over the Arabic nation for the humiliations and aspersions in our Christian creeds throughout the Islamic epochs

To those saying that those petitions are irrational and not possible, as how they will delete the quran verses, I am saying if that's unacceptable for them then how they are asking us to change our faith and to do what they refused to do

If they don't want to change their quran verses, so let us speak freely about our religion

Or the freedom is granted for them only and forbidden to us?

The virgins' parable

Sheikh Al-Sharawy said about the virgins' parable mentioned in the bible " the door opened and the virgins got into the house and then the door was closed, what they were doing inside with the Christ ,so  he married five women , then why you are attacking Islam of permitting four wives for a man "

He is speaking like that as he lived in a grubby sexual culture, so he was speaking out of that culture

The virgin's parable points to the spiritual wakening, and their love for the Christ
The bible said they were virgins and not wives, so what was meant is the virginity of the soul and spirit that is not defiled by the sin

The quran itself is attesting for the Christ being pure and without sin, and the prophet Muhammad himself mentioned in the intercession converse in the day of resurrection
When people went to the prophets asking their intercession, when they reached to the Christ, as he has no sin

Actually by saying that, Sheikh Al-Sharawy was trying to conceal marriage stories of the prophet

in the Halabin life history, by Al-Halaby  part 3, page 419, it was mentioned about the messenger of God  peace upon him , if he wanted to have a woman he can have it without the marriage treaty , without the gift of marriage, without a sponsorship, without witnesses and without her will , and her husband should divorce her to allow the prophet to marry her ,and if he wanted a slave, so her owner should set her free for him, and he can have a woman while he is doing "Al-Ihram " in Makkah, and he can have whatever he wants from women and money from the loot before dividing it among the people

What do you call this?

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