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Episode 90
The Wine in the Holy Bible

The author      : Father Zakaria Boutros
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In his book "the accoutrement of fighting" page16, Ahmed Didat attacked the Holy Bible claiming that it is advising to drink wine

1- Didat put his calumny in such Satanic way, saying: is it reasonable to have such satanic advice?, and he quoted what was mentioned in the Holy Bible (Proverbs 31:5, 6)

2- Muhammad believed that the Holy Bible is from God, while Didat said that the words of the Holy Bible are satanic

3- We didn't hear any Muslim or government revolt for that, so if we say that the quran's words are satanic, they will not revolt?

4- Actually, he was not honest in mentioning the words of the Holy Bible, but he falsified them by his own satanic words

5- He had falsified and totally changed the text saying: "wouldn’t the kings spend all their money on women and wine?"

6- He continued his forgery by a strange abrogation saying:" that authorized spending some of them on those two purposes"

7- Look at that forgery and bosh of his saying

Here is the text of those verses pointed at from (Proverbs 31:5, 6):"it is not for kings to drink wine; nor for princes to say, the strong drink?"

8- So from where he got the words" all" and" some",
The Holy Bible is handy for everyone to read and see that forgery


Didat explicated the utterance of the Holy Bible "Give strong drink to him who is ready to perish" as giving wine to the poor people

1- Didat used to give his own casuistry in the exegesis of the Bible, as he said:
    "Concerning the poor, the Bible said: give them drink"
2- How could he interpret" the Perishing" as" the poor"? Isn't that fitting the proverb:
 "An ignorant while being annotator"?

In English "??????" 3- Mr. Didat knew well English, while he didn't know Arabic, the word
 and not "the poor", the perishing means the one who is dying  ,(Perishing)Means the
  That what the translator wrote in page 16:" the wine is for those dying people"

4-That was among  people's customs anciently, as there were no pain relievers or anesthetics, so they were giving wine to the dying person as a narcotic, as they have done with the Christ on the cross , but he refused to drink

5- Among the strong proofs for the use of wine anciently as a remedy: the parable of the Good Samaritan, who poured wine as a remedy on the wounds of the person injured by the robbers (Luke 10:34)

6- Didn't the quran mention that the wine, in spite of being a sin, is yet beneficial for people?

In The cow chapter (Surat Al-Baqarah) 219:" They ask you concerning wine and gambling. Say: "In them is a great sin and benefit for men"

Although they put it among the abrogated and abrogator verses, but did God change his mind in its beneficiary, and discovered later on that there is no beneficiary in it??


In his book "the accoutrement of fighting" page16, Ahmed Didat said that Apostle Paul recommended drinking wine better than water

1- Actually the text verse, mentioned in the Holy Bible and was quoted in the book "the accoutrement of fighting" is:" "Be no longer a drinker of water only, But use a little wine for your stomach's sake and your frequent infirmities' (1Timothy 5:23)

2- That verse was about a remedy for an illness, as Timothy had ascites, so he was advised to use it as a remedy

3- Didn't Sheikh Didat know about what happened to his messenger Muhammad?

It was mentioned in (Sahih Muslim. The drinks book…the chapter of: dinking wine):"narrated Jabber Ibn Abdullah: we were with the messenger of God, then he asked for a drink, a man came to him saying: O messenger of God: do we give you wine to drink, he said: yes, then they brought a goblet of wine to him and the messenger of God drank it"

How ignorant and deceitful that proselytiser was!!!

Didat said that the Holy Bible permitted drinking wine

The Holy Bible didn't permit drinking wine; on the contrary it forbad all degrees of drinking of wine, except in cases of disease before the emergence of recent medicine

We can define the Christian opinion on wine in the following:"

1) Banning all degrees of drinking wine

1) the degree of addiction:" (Proverbs 29:30):"Who has woe? Who has sorrow? Who has strife? Who has complaints? Who has needless bruises? Who has bloodshot eyes? Those who tarry long at the wine"

2) The degree of drunkenness: (Ephesus 5:18):" Don't be drunken with wine, in which is dissipation, but be filled with the Spirit"

3) The degree of drinking: (Proverbs 23:30):" Who has bloodshot eyes? Those who stay long at the wine; those who go to seek out mixed wine"

 4) Sitting with wine drinkers (Proverbs 23:20) "Don't be among winebibbers, among riotous eaters of their flesh"

5) Just looking at it: (Proverbs 23:31) "Don't look at the wine when it is red, when it Sparkles in the cup, when it goes down smoothly. In the end, it bites like a snake, and Poisons like a viper. "

Eulogizing non-drinking of wine

(Jeremiah 35:12-14):" Thus says the lord of Armies… Jonadab commanded his sons, not to drink wine, to this day they drink none, but I have spoken to you, and you have not listened to me"

Ahmed Didat said that the wine is a Satan's deed

1- That was mentioned in the table chapter (Surat Al-Ma'idah') 90:" wines, and gambling, are abominations of Satan"

2- My essential question here is: was Muhammad before the forbiddance of wine under the domain of Satan, as he was drinking the wine?

The proofs for that are numerous:

1-The above mentioned converse (Sahih Muslim. The drinks book…the chapter of: dinking wine (narrated Jabber Ibn Abdullah: we were with the messenger of God, then he asked for a drink, a man came to him saying: O messenger of God: do we give you wine to drink, he said: yes, then they brought a goblet of wine to him and the messenger of God drank it)

2- In (Sahih Muslim…The drinks book): Jabber Ibn Abdullah narrated that they were fermenting the wine for the prophet in a stony container

3- In (Sahih Al-Bokhary…The drinks book): the prophet forbad mixing date with raisin and he ordered to ferment each of them separately

4- In (Sahih Muslim…The drinks book): narrated Ibn Abbas: the messenger of God was given wine to drink, he was drinking it for three consecutive days, and then if something was left, he was pouring it

5- In (Sahih Muslim…The drinks book... the chapter of permitting the wine...) narrated Ibn Hazen Al-Kashiry, he said: I met Aeisha and asked her about the wine, Aeisha called an Ethiopian maid and said: ask this one, as she was fermenting the wine for the messenger of God, the Ethiopian said: I was fermenting the wine by night for him, keeping it till morning, when he waked up he was drinking from it

6- In (Sahih Muslim…The drinks book... the chapter of permitting the wine...) narrated Al-Hassen, from his mother, from Aeisha, she said: we were fermenting for the messenger of God the wine in a bucket at morning, he was drinking it by night, and we were fermenting it by night, to drink from it the next morning

7- In (Mosnad Ahmed... the beginning of Mosnad Abdullah Ibn Abbas) narrated Ibn Abbas, he said:" the messenger of God was given wine on Monday night; he was drinking it Monday, Tuesday till afternoon, and if something was left of it, he gave it to the servants or poured it, and So'ba said he was keeping it till Wednesday afternoon and if something was left of it, he gave it to the servants or poured it,

8- In Mosnad Ahmed... of Mosnad Abdullah Ibn Masoud): Abdullah Ibn Masoud was with the messenger of God in the night of Al-jinn, the prophet said to him:"O, Abdullah do you have water, he replied: I have wine, he said to him: pour for me some of it, to do ablution , and he said to him :O Abdullah Ibn Masoud, that's a pure drink"

9- In The halabin life history: among those who made the prophet laughing was Noieman, the prophet was laughing by looking at him, as he was telling jokes, and among those who were drinking the wine with him, a man named Abdullah and he was given the name the drunk"(1)

So if the wine is Satan's deed, as the table chapter (Surat Al-Ma'idah') 90 said,

 And the forbiddance of wine was on the third year of immigration (after the descend of revelation by 15 years) as the exegesis of Al-Quortoby on that verse said

 So was Muhammad under Satan's deed all of that period? It is just a question

It was said the God forbad the wine in stages:

1- That what they call the abrogators and abrogated in the quran, as if God didn't know the right thing from the beginning to order it initially, then forbad it later on

2- If God forbad the wine in stages, as they say, then how to explain that He allowed drinking wine?

3- In the Bees chapter (Surah An-Nahl) 67:"And from the fruits of date-palms and grapes, you derive booze and a goodly provision"

4- In the exegesis of Al-Tabry:" narrated Al-Dahak: in his saying:" you derive booze" it means what is besotting from the grape and date

5- If the quran forbad the wine, then how it attested that in it there is a benefit for men (The cow chapter (Surat Al-Baqarah) 219):" They ask you concerning wine and gambling. Say: "In them is a great sin and a benefit for men"

What was the reason of forbidding the wine, and who was the one inspired that?

Actually the reason behind that was the consummation of Omer Ibn Al-Khatab's wish:

Sheikh Khalil Abdul-Karim explained how Gabriel brought the verses of forbidding the wine according to the wish of Omer Ibn Al-Khatab (2)

 We will summarize that in:

1- The companions of the prophets of God were so indulged in drinking wine, before it was forbidden, so it was mentioned that Saad Ibn Abe-Waqas was drunk and he hit a man by a camel's jaw bone, and broke his nose (3)

2- Anas Narrated that he was giving wine to some of the companions, among them were Abe-Obaidh, Obey-Ibn Ka'b, Sohil Bin Bayda in the house of Abe-Talha (4)

3- It was narrated also that a man from Al-Ansar invited a group of known immigrant companies , they all drank wine , when the Maghreb prayer was due , one of them took the leadership in payer , then he made wrong recitation of the quran verses as he was drunk

4- It was narrated that two tribes of Al-Ansar drank wine, and they quarreled together, when they sobered  from their drunkenness, they looked to each other and saw what they had done , so there was a hatred among them

Sheikh Khalil Abdul-Karim continued saying:

Omer Ibn Al-Khatab asked the prophet to get a verse forbidding the wine, and his wish was fulfilled on stages as the heritage books said:

1- Narrated Abe Masyra that Omer said: O, God, show us a clear announcement in the wine, so the verse came down " Approach not the prayer when you are in a drunken state until you know the meaning of what you utter " the women chapter (Surat An-Nisa') 43 (pointing to that man who wrongly recited the quran verse while he was drunk, and leading the people in the prayer)

2- Then Omer said again: O, God, show us a clear announcement in the wine, so the verse came down"." They ask you concerning the wine and gambling. Say: in them is a great sin, and benefit for men, but the sin of them is greater than their benefit." The Cow chapter (Surat Al-Baqarah) 219"

3- Then Omer said once again:" O, God, show us a clear announcement in the wine, then another verse came the table chapter (Surat Al-Ma'idah') 90". O you who believe! Wine, gambling, Al-Ansâb, and Al-Azlâm (arrows for seeking luck or decision) are an abomination of Satan, so avoid them"

4- Then Omer said: it is done now, as wine wastes money and inflicts the mind (1)

5- Surprisingly, the heritage book mentioned that Omer himself was fund of drinking wine, and that what he said at the time of his death, as one day Omer was walking , then Abo-lo'loa the boy of Al-Moogheira Bin So'ba came from behind and stabbed him trice , then Omer yelled :" get that dog (meaning the man who stabbed him), he had killed me", and there was a big noise in the crowd, a man came and held Omer, he asked for a physician, they brought a physician to him, and he asked him : what drink do you prefer?, he said: wine, so they brought to him wine, and he drank it"(5)

That's the story of forbidding the wine, but there is an important secret regarding the forbiddance of wine in the quran:

In all the verses mentioned in the quran there is no punishment for those who drink wine as that for the renouncement

That makes us asking did the quran really forbid drinking wine? Or it just said: "it is
 An abomination of Satan. So avoid it"

And if the wine was forbidden in the quran, then how there are rivers of wine in the paradise?

It was mentioned in Muhammad chapter (Surat Muhammad) 15" rivers of wine delicious to those who drink", if they say it is not a boozing wine, then why it was not called a juice for example?

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